Eco-positive weekly diary #117: saving Christmas food Too Good to Go

Hi there! Welcome into my personal weekly diary, great that you’re here. Merry Christmas! In this weekly diary I try to show you what an eco-positive lifestyle looks like on a daily basis. The past week I had a Christmas Ball, went thrift shopping and I saved some food from going trash via the Too Good to Go app! Here’s eco-positive weekly diary #117.


My holiday has started! Since I got home at 6 am yesterday I cancelled my plans for today. But I did had some lovely vegan pasta. I sometimes put nutritional yeast flakes on there to make sure it has a ‘cheesy’ flavor.



Time for some secondhand shopping in Amsterdam! I have something to confess here: I don’t need anything. Friends asked if I wanted to go thrift shopping. I said yes for the sake of fun but I don’t really need anything. We went to Episode, Zipper and Marbles Vintage! I did buy some things. 3 items to be precise. One of them is a skirt which I like more than the one I have now. The skirt I had will go to a thrift shop (I once got that one secondhand too) and so the circle will be round. We had a lovely lunch at Toast. I had a vegan kimchi salad and vegan nachos. At night I had a Christmas Gala from the student association. I went there in a borrowed dress from LENA, the fashion library. Very sustainable, since I share the dress with all the other members. The neckless and earrings I wore are also borrowed, from my aunt! The tights I wore are from Swedish Stocking, a sustainable tights brand (since tights are not available secondhand). I forgot to bring my own cup that night and so I used a lot of plastic cups, that was a bummer.


Holiday, and no plans for today! All this freedom, I have to do nothing, but I can do anything. I played some Sims 4 and watched Netflix movies.



Another day with no plans, I am waiting until I can go back to Enschede on Monday since public transportation is free for me then. I played some Sims 4 again and watched Netflix movies. It all sounds quite boring but after weeks of studying and being busy this feels amazing. I really feel that I should get used to doing nothing, I am not good at it yet. I always have this feeling I need to productive and so it’s good for me to do nothing.


Going back to Enschede with public transportation, the most sustainable way. I ordered a package from Too Good To Go, an app with which you can save food. The date until which they can sell it has almost passed and so you can buy it still with a huge discount. It would otherwise be thrown away and so you save food. Unfortunately it had a lot of meat in it, but my family will eat that. I will eat all the vegan food!



Today I ate the vegan poké bowl which I had saved from trash by the Too Good To Go app. I did went to the supermarket to buy some food for Christmas. Since the box of food which I had saved did not have enough food I needed to buy some more. I bought: organic tofu, organic pickles, organic soy yoghurt, vegan mayonaise, organic and local spring onions, silver-skin onions and vegan and organic cheese fondue! Mostly organic and low waste. I am happy with this haul. At night I went to Haarlem by car with family where we had a lovely Christmas dinner, vegan for me.


More food! Time for christmas breakfast. I had some lovely vegan things, filet american for instance. We went to the beach after. They had some bags there so you could pick trash, but it was very wet so I chose to not pick anything since I did not want to get dirty. I am wearing my borrowed dress from the LENA fashion library again today! At night we had a lovely 5-course dinner at my boyfriend’s family. For me all vegan!

Yours sincerely,

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