Eco-positive weekly diary #118: Ice-skating, vegan raclette and New Year’s Eve

my positive impact in 2020

Hi there! Welcome into my first personal diary of 2020! I hope you had a great 2019 and will make 2020 just like you want it to be. New opportunities and new chances. The past week I had another vegan dinner, went thrift shopping and celebrated New Year’s Eve. Want to read along? Here’s eco-positive weekly diary #118.


Another day celebrating Christmas! We played some board games and used our raclette for dinner. I ate vegan of course, but today I made something special: a vegan eggs salad and a vegan potato salad. It was my first try and I found them both very good and you can make them very low waste! I think I will share the recipes on here soon 🙂


My boyfriend and I got up quite early to go for a walk together. A fresh morning walk in a nature reserve nearby my hometown Enschede. I did not pick litter, since he does not really enjoy me doing that on our walks and so I choose to do it when I’m by myself. After the walk I went ice-skating with my brother and stepdad. It was much fun! Spending money on experiences rather than gifts is sustainable, since no new goods need to be produced. Once home I recorded another video for my Youtube channel which I will post soon! At night I ate some leftovers from the raclette dinner from yesterday. I try to prevent food from being wasted!


I replaced my Humble Brush today. It was time for it, but a few days after I got a message from someone at Instagram saying you can just cook your brush and then it can last you longer. Next time, I will try that, because I already got rid of the old one (the hairs go to landfill unfortunately, but the brush itself with the compost). I also went to Germany (I live very close to the border) to buy some firework. I would normally never buy it, since I think it is wasteful and should only be lit by professionals. But, next week I’ll celebrate New Year’s Eve with friends and they wanted some. Since I live near the border and it is cheap in Germany, I bought two things there. After that I went to the thrift shop with my mom to bring some clothing to the secondhand store. I will post a blog soon about what things I got rid of and what I thrifted pieces I bought lately. At night, I made myself some lovely vegan sushi.


I had some plans for today, but a co-worker called in sick and so I went to work for her so she could go home. It always feels good to help others. At night, I ate vegan sushi again haha. I am currently trying out a new soy sauce with less salt, because I eat sushi so often and the soy sauce it very salty and salt is not very healthy. It’s from Kikkoman and it’s quite good. I guess this is a permanent switch.


Today I met up with one of my best friends. We were planning to go to a board games bar in Enschede, which we had found on Ecosia. When we got there it turned out to be closed and could only be rented by large groups. Bummer. Instead we went to another new thing in Enschede: The Gamebox. A place where you can play all kind of games, it’s an arcade hall. We had so much fun! It’s 20 euros for an hour, but that’s fine. I laughed a lot and again: it’s more sustainable to spend your money on experiences than on gifts. Afterwards I bought some Oliebollen (a Dutch snack that you eat on New Year’s Eve) today. I had a hard time finding them vegan. In supermarkets they’re never vegan, but in the special stands for Oliebollen they are vegan. I bought a few for tomorrow and the day after.


The day of New Year’s Eve! I went off to Groningen quite early to celebrate it with friends. We played some board games, dined with a raclette, had some drinks and celebrated the new year! Afterwards we also went to a party in the city centre. It was great! We went for some food before we went home and I had a pita falafel. It’s the only vegan thing you can get at the places where we go to eat usually. I always take it because it’s the only option besides fries but I’ve made up my mind. I don’t really love it, I just eat it because it’s there. Next time I won’t eat anything or I’ll take some fries. No more below-average sandwiches for me!


Waking up in 2020! I don’t really do resolutions because I think it’s ridiculous to do it on New Year’s Eve. If I want to change something, I’ll change it. Right then and there. Today we went to my boyfriends home to celebrate the new year with family. We were quite tired afterwards and so watched a movie and went to bed early.

Best wishes for 2020!

Yours sincerely,

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