Eco-positive weekly diary #123: No school for the coming 7 months

Hi there, welcome back into my personal weekly diary. I try to live an eco-positive lifestyle and in this diary I want to show you what that looks like on a daily basis. What habits make my life eco-positive or not? The past week I handed in my last report for the premaster Environment and Resource Management, had some vegan sushi again and moved back to my hometown Enschede! Here’s eco-positive weekly diary #123.


Today was my last day at school, I presented my final presentation. It went quite well and afterwards I went home with a friend. On the way home we did some groceries for dinner. I’ve written a guide on how to make sustainable food choices before. I tried to rescue some food today, but by the time the presentations were over there were no options left on the Too Good to Go app. I went to Jumbo and just bought my favorite food, sushi. Along with some vegan chicken burgers. Not zero waste or organic, but at least vegan. After dinner we went out for drinks at our student association, for me the last time in the coming 7 months.


After presenting my final presentation yesterday I finished my additional report today and handed it in. That means I’m done with my premaster (if I pass this last test). Wow! Let’s hope I make it. For lunch I made some guacamole with carrots, a very lovely lunch with good veggies! At night I went to Amsterdam with classmates to go out. In one of my previous weekly diaries I wrote that I was done with the falafel sandwiches which I always get after I go out. It’s one of the few options, but it is usually very dry and plain. And so, tonight I ate some fries. We had loads of fun and I was home at 6 am!  I am going to miss everyone the coming months.


After sleeping till late, I edited a video for my Youtube-channel today! It’s a video about the secondhand clothing I got rid of the past months and the secondhand clothing I bought. Coming Monday there will be a blogpost about that on here, but if you can’t wait you can watch the video here.

eco-positive weekly diary #123


Another lazy day. I am moving back to Enschede tomorrow since I can travel for free with public transportation with my student card on week days. Today was a very good lazy day. I wrote this blogpost and watched a lot of How to Get Away with Murder on Netflix.


Moving day. It feels so weird! Today, after five months of living in Haarlem and studying in Amsterdam, I am moving back to Enschede. The premaster is over and so I am going back home. My plan for the coming months is to work a lot, save a lot, travel a lot, make a lot of Youtube videos, blog a lot, see my friends and family a lot and most of all have fun! It’s going to be a great summer! It’s really strange, I’ve never been free from school for this long. In The Netherlands you start school when you are 4 and since then I’ve never taken a break longer than 3 months. This is a first for me. Once back in Enschede I put on the coat I had bought secondhand via United Wardrobe last week. It was too long, but since I loved it so much I brought it to the tailer. He made it shorter and so now it’s perfect for me! I am so happy with it. The old one (which I also got secondhand ages ago, it’s a children’s size) will now go to the textile recycling since it has holes in it.

eco-positive weekly diary #123


First day back and straight off to work. As I said, I plan on working and saving a lot and so today is the first day. Once back home from work I made myself some lovely vegan burgers. My mom had bought them at Lidl, they have some really good vegan products, I liked these burgers. I tried to imitate the MacDonalds sauce today to put on the sandwich but it didn’t turn out as I wanted. It was still good, but better luck next time! Also, today I started training handball in Enschede again. I left the team back in September because I moved to Haarlem/Amsterdam at the time but since I am back now I am starting again. It was great to see everyone again. I really love playing handball, I doubt if I will every quit haha!

eco-positive weekly diary #123


Another day of work, today a very long day from 7:30 till 17:00. For dinner dad made us some good sandwiches and some lentil soup.

My favorite song of the week:

Lewis Capaldi – Grace

Yours sincerely,

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