Eco-positive weekly diary #125: getting into the holiday flow while working 49 hours

Hi there! Welcome back into my personal weekly diary. In this diary I try to show you what an eco-positive lifestyle looks like on a daily basis. I try to show you the sustainable highlights, but also the fun parts of my life! The past week I made some zero waste organic popcorn, had some delicious vegan cake and lend some new books from the library! Here’s eco-positive weekly diary #125.


I am free from work today! I have a to-do list. I’ve been free from school for almost two weeks now and I still have a to-do list. I’m curious to see if I ever come to a point where I don’t know what to do in a day haha! After the chores I made myself some well-deserved organic, zero waste popcorn while watching How to Get Away with Murder. I once got a popcorn machine from my stepdad and the popcorn is stock from my closed package free webshop still. I am using up a lot of it these days.


Yesterday I made myself some vegan quinoa salad to eat the coming days. I really love it, you can find the recipe here. Today I took the salad with me to work, since I worked all day. I even ate it for dinner together with a vegan pizza!



What a lovely day! I worked from 8:30 till 12 and so the rest of the day I was free. The weather was lovely and so I decided to go for a walk to the city center. I went to the library to lend a new book (I lend books because that’s way more sustainable than buying new books). Afterwards, I went to buy some nutritional yeast and handed in my suit (which I had to buy for my previous education) at a secondhand store! I hope they can sell it and somebody else will be happy with and it won’t be wasted. Right now, I feel like it is being wasted hanging in my closet because I don’t wear it. I bought some organic nutritional yeast for a gnocchi dish I made for dinner. The dish was okay, but I personally don’t really like gnocchi and so this was a one time thing. At night I started reading the book I lend at the library, I really liked it and therefore almost read the whole book at once.


Yesterday night my boyfriend came over and today we went to the city center together. We went for drinks and I am still sticking with the water-only diet thingy. With exceptions there, I almost always drink water and I notice that my preference for soft drinks is declining. At noon, we went to my granddad’s birthday. Grandma had bought vegan cake and soup for me, so sweet! They were both from salad bar ETN, which is a lovely place! I also brought home some puzzles, because lately I really feel like it haha! I guess I am getting into the holiday flow of puzzling, reading, walking and all that.


Today I started working at another department at the store where I work, I started with the cleaning crew, while I normally work at the bakery. Since I am free from school till September I am taking all the hours I can. Time to save some money! I ate the gnocchi leftovers from Saturday and went off to Sanquin. Sanquin is the local blood bank and I am donating plasma today. I hadn’t gone there for 2 months because I didn’t complete my donation last time. That time I started feeling dizzy and felt like I was about to faint. Today everything felt fine and I saved some lives again! Heck yes, positive impact!


Another day at work, this week I am working 49 hours. It’s a lot, but I am taking all the hours available. Not really the slow-living schedule I am aiming for, but it’s only this week since a colleague of mine is sick. After work I ate some home-made baked potatoes and the falafel I got from grandma last Sunday. This is a really easy way to avoid waste, just buy some zero waste organic potatoes, slice and marinate it yourself. I eat it with the vegan mayonnaise from Mayolijn en curry gewurz (mixed together, which is the ultimate sauce haha!).


Maybe this is quite boring: but I worked again today. Yet, after work I went to the local train station to get a train membership again. Since I am not studying right now, I can’t travel for free anymore as a student anymore. Traveling with public transportation is the most sustainable way to travel (besides walking and biking, but that doesn’t always work). And so, I am taking a membership again, for when I do travel (even though that’s not a lot these days haha).

My favorite song of this week:

Stormzy – Know me From

I hope you had a lovely week too!

Yours sincerely,

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