Eco-positive weekly diary #133: I finally found zero waste toothpaste with fluoride!

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Hi there! Welcome back into my personal weekly diary in which I try to show you what an eco-positive lifestyle looks like on a daily basis. What choices and habits on a daily basis make my life (nearly) eco-positive? The past week I donated plasma, went to a vegan high-tea with mom and finally found some zero waste toothpaste with fluoride! Want to read along? Here’s eco-positive weekly diary #133.


Today I went back to Enschede by train, since that is the most sustainable, after being in Groningen and Harderwijk for quite a while. Once back in Enschede, my dad had made us some lovely vegan beyond meat burgers. It was quite a lazy day, I played the Sims 4 the rest of the day, I love that game!


I needed to go back to Enschede for the weekend since I had a dentist appointment today. Before that, I went to see grandma together with dad. At the dentist everything was fine, luckily! I am blessed with good teeth. At night I went to my mom’s. Now that I live in Groningen, my brother gets my room in Enschede and his room is the guest room where I will be sleeping every now and then I come by. It all feels a little odd still.


Back in May, I gave my mother a high-tea for her birthday. I like to gift experiences rather than things because it’s more sustainable and it’s simply more fun too. Today was the day! We went for a high-tea at ETN in Enschede, their high-tea’s and bakery is all vegan. It was great! We were very full at the end and it all tasted amazing. My mom enjoyed it too!


My boyfriend came over today so we could go to my grandma. Since I won’t be in Enschede as much the coming year, I try to see her now that I am not working yet. Afterwards my dad took my boyfriend and me to the Foodhallen in Enschede. It’s place where they have about 9 kitchens, including one 100% vegan. I normally order there, but I saw another kitchen had vegan sushi (gimbap)! I ordered that, together with vegan taco’s at Rauw (the 100% vegan kitchen). It was both very tasty!


Time to go back to Groningen! This time I was going to bring my bike with me, to permanently have it here in Groningen. I took it with me by train and it all went perfectly fine. Now I can explore Groningen the most sustainable way, by bike. I also had an appointment to donate some plasma again. For the first time in Groningen. It all worked out great, they have the kind of machines they also had in Haarlem which work fast for me personally (I don’t know why, the blood flow must be better). On my way home I picked up a package waiting for me at a DHL pick-up point. I have finally found zero waste tooth paste with fluoride! After all these years! I immediately tried it that night and it works fine for me. Great taste, foams enough and does the trick. I am so happy with it! I have been looking for zero waste toothpaste for a long time, since I could only find tabs (which I find disgusting) or liquid without fluoride. Late at night, my boyfriend and I went the supermarket to save some food again, we saved a loooot!


After three weeks, the washing machine was finally full and it was time to wash clothes for the first time here. I recently made my own laundry detergent and put it in. It worked great! But I will try another recipe next time since this one became really hard, like a rock. Since I was cleaning already, I also cleaned the toilet with all-purpose cleaner I made myself. This recipe was great and I’ll stick with it! The toilet is perfectly clean now. At lunchtime we went to a vegan lunchroom with a friend where I had a lovely vegan grilled cheese sandwich Hawa├». It’s called Mahalo and I’ll definitely go there more often!


When I finished a roll of toilet paper I found a new life-hack! I put my electrical cables in them! Now that I have collected one roll, I put in my phone charger. It seems to work just fine. At lunchtime my boyfriend’s brother came by and we went to the Groninger museum. I didn’t think it was too exciting, bummer. Once home the band-aid’s I ordered came in! I ordered zero waste band-aid’s for my boyfriend. I don’t really think we need them, but since we live together I have to compromise haha. They’re made from bamboo and biodegradable (they can go into our worm bin once that’s all settled :)). Also, my secondhand shoes came in! I ordered white all-stars secondhand online, the exact same I have now. My old ones are completely worn out (soles came off, holes, dirty) and now I have a perfect new pair.

Favorite song of the week: Esmee Denters – Outta Here

Yours sincerely,

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