Eco-positive weekly diary #134: Buying something at IKEA?

Hi there! Welcome back into my personal weekly diary. In these weekly posts I try to show you what an eco-positive lifestyle looks like on a daily basis. An eco-positive lifestyle sits in the little things, the tiny choices on a daily basis. The past week I bought secondhand shoes, quit handball and went to the hospital for another laser appointment. Want to read along? Here’s eco-positive weekly diary #134.


Another guest came by, my dad! He came to take a look at our new apartment and spend the day with me and my boyfriend. Unfortunately, it rained all day, literally all day. We went for a little walk (as planned), but it just didn’t work out. In the end, we did manage to go to the city centre to eat a (vegan) donut and go to Het Forum (a very high building from which you can see the whole city). We went pooling and afterwards went home for dinner. After dinner I quickly went to Albert Heijn to pick up an order from Too Good To Go, we had rescued some food again. Finally, my dad and I went back to Enschede since I was spending the weekend there.


I went back to Enschede because I had a laser appointment today at the hospital. This was the second time I was going to laser my bikini area and the sixth time for my armpits. It’s painful and expensive, but for me it’s worth it. For dinner we had vegan pancakes, I had been craving them for days!


I went to the city center of Enschede to try on some shoes I had seen secondhand online. That’s a tip for you too. Doubting if you really like the secondhand shoes or worry about the size? Try them in a store and then just don’t buy them. The shoes I wanted fitted perfectly and so I ordered them secondhand online. I also tried the vegan nuggets from Lidl today, my mom had bought them. They were quite good actually!


A few weeks ago I quit handball in Enschede, since I was moving. I did however still make a promise to participate in a tournament for the last time. In the end, I wasn’t able to play because of some bureaucratic reasons, but I did sat at the side as an official. I was still glad to help! I am not sure yet if I’ll pick up handball again in Groningen, since I have other plans too and I first need to get a job.


I went back to Groningen, by train this time. It is about 3 hours from door to door. I did some necessary chores at home and for dinner I made a recipe from Gaz from his book Plants Only Kitchen. I afterwards wanted to see a live-cast about racism, but the internet wasn’t good enough yet (since we still use the internet from our neighbor). From next week on I can watch tv again!

eco-positive weekly diary #134


I was up a lot this night because I all of a sudden got really sick from dinner I had cooked yesterday. It was a strange thing, I have never experienced such a thing. I just thought automatically about eggplants all the time (which was included in the recipe) and then I got nauseous. Strange as hell. I still have it now. I can’t even think about eggplants anymore, it makes me sick. Same goes with lentils, which was also in the recipe. I hope that’ll go away soon again. I made a lovely salad for lunch today when I felt a little better. Very nutritious! I try to focus more on feeding my body with good ingredients lately. The more fruits and veggies, the better! We also went to IKEA today again. We bought 4 items! Crazy, right? I intend to not buy there but the things we needed were things I couldn’t find secondhand and I also need to negotiate with my boyfriend haha, he doesn’t always want the sustainable-expensive type of product. Anyway, we bought a curtain for our bedroom and something to hang up our (secondhand!) poster. For dinner we had some lovely wraps!


Up until dinner, today was a chores day. I also went to gym again (I also did last night and I really liked it again, I don’t know why haha). I did some laundry, cleaned some things, had an appointment with the caretaker, worked on my Youtube-video’s and more. For dinner, we went to Happy Italy again after 1000 years because they now have introduced a new vegan menu. It was quite tasty! Afterwards, we went to the cinema to see Tenet. That was a real mindfuck, but fun! I would compare it to inception.

Favorite song of the week: Tabitha – Het spijt me niet

Yours sincerely,

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