Eco-positive weekly diary #135: harvesting weeds as flowers

Hi there! Welcome back into this week’s weekly diary. In this diary I try to show you what an eco-positive lifestyle looks like on a daily basis. What habits and choices make my life eco-positive? The past week I made a new healthy habit, made some hummus myself and tasted the new plant-based Whopper at Burger King! Want to read along? Here’s eco-positive weekly diary #135.


It is time for me to create a new habit. A more healthy one. I want to switch up my breakfast. Instead of eating soy yoghurt, which contains energy but not so many vitamins, I want to eat smoothies. I blend several fruits, vegetables and herbs together and then put in a bowl. I decorate the bowl with chia seeds, hemp seeds, other seeds and fruit. This way I actually eat the smoothie, I chew too. I learned that this is better for my digestive system than drinking it. Anyway, I made this switch to eat more fruit and veggies instead of empty calories. It is colorful and I believe it’s healthy.


I went over to a friend’s house to go to the city center. Burger King brought out a 100% plant-based Whopper and I just had to try it. I tried it and it was delicious! I think it tasted just like the beyond meat burgers (which I love too). It’s still Burger King, a company I don’t necessarily want to support but it shows progress. If I end up at Burger King with friends or something, I have a fantastic option. Veganism is growing and that’s the good news here. Afterwards, I also went to the farmers market with my boyfriend to buy some groceries. It’s a place where local farmers come and so it’s very sustainable.


My boyfriend’s brother and his girlfriend came over today. I always enjoy their company! We went into the city center and enjoyed the good weather. We cooked vegan risotto for dinner and meanwhile I made hummus for the very first time. I was actually surprised at how easy yet delicious it was. This is a great new zero waste development, I’ll never have to buy hummus in plastic again. I can just make my own! I’ll share the recipe very soon.

eco-positive weekly diary #135


After weeks, I finally managed to get a Too Good To Go package from Lidl, to rescue food. I was amazed with the amount of food in there. We could almost eat an entire week from this package. It made me feel a little conflicted. Is it my right to buy this food, for only 2,99 euros? Am I not supposed to leave this for people who don’t have the means to buy healthy, organic food like I do? I asked around on my Instagram too and I think I came to the conclusion that it’s okay. I want to support things like Too Good To Go and there are about 30 packages to buy each day. If I buy one every week I don’t think I have to feel bad, as long as all the other groceries I buy are organic and where possible local and seasonal.

eco-positive weekly diary #135


The weather was going to be 30 degrees today, probably the last day of the year. I wanted to enjoy that last time of burning sun haha (whilst being protected of course). A friend of mine, her housemate and I went to a lake nearby. We did unfortunately went by car since my biketire broke and nobody wanted to actually bike. But, I do always prefer lakes over pools because those take a lot of resources and chemicals. I think lakes and seas are the most sustainable ways to swim.

eco-positive weekly diary #135


Today I did two important sustainable things. 1. Go to a cycle repairer because my tire broke. I tried to fix it already but air kept floating out. After he was done, he told me that I had actually done things right but that there was another hole right beside it. Good, but I am very happy he fixed that second hole because now I can bike again. 2. Harvest some ‘flowers’ people consider as weeds. There’s a lot at the end of our building and I harvested some and hung them out to try. Once they’re all done I will put them in our vase, which already contains a dried sunflower. Dried flowers are pretty, but also very sustainable because buying fresh flowers every week is very resourceful. They need to be grown, watered, transported. Now I just harvest flowers once and I’m done for the entire year.

eco-positive weekly diary #135

Favorite song of the week: Inez – My love

Yours sincerely,

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