Eco-positive weekly diary #137: taking a COVID-19 test

Hi there! Welcome back into my personal weekly diary. Great that you’re here! In this weekly diaries I want to show you what an eco-positive lifestyle looks like on a daily basis. What habits have I created to make this lifestyle easier and what choices do I make? The past week I took a COVID-19 test, officially started a worm bin and my boyfriend became a stem cell donor too! Want to read along? Here’s eco-positive weekly diary #137.


In the morning, I had to arrange some things for my upcoming job. I am starting on Monday! It is a good thing, I need to get back to the working life. I am excited! After lunch, my boyfriend and I went to two thrift shops. We still need some final things for our apartment in Groningen and we found a lot today! I am excited to see this all coming together. At night, I took a bath haha! Not very sustainable, but since we don’t have one and since we’re at my boyfriend’s parents house who do have one I couldn’t resist. It is good to do some self-care sometimes.


Time to go home to Groningen. We went by car, along with a friend. Once home, it was quite late and we were all hungry. I wanted something quick and so I went to Burger King. Jep, now that they have introduced the plant-based Whopper that’s an option these days. I had two (!), because I wanted to haha and because it’s new they’re still 3 euros. It was gooood! The Whopper is packed in paper so that’s fine but I also had a drink which contained plastic. Next time I should bring my own water bottle, I forgot.


Today my uncle came by to see our new apartment and to say hi. My aunt unfortunately couldn’t come, because she had a cold. They brought us bees wraps and stainless steel clips! I’ve written about a way to store leftovers before here, but bees wraps are a little bit more space-efficient now that we have a small fridge. Bees wraps are an alternative to plastic or aluminum single-use wraps. We can use them endlessly to keep store food longer!

eco-positive weekly diary #137


Yesterday, I got a really bad cold, all of a sudden. Today, it is even worse and so I decided to schedule a COVID-19 test. I don’t have all the symptoms, just a bad cold. But still, I just felt like it was the best thing to do the test, for everybody else’s safety. I don’t come out of the house much (I don’t go to school or work), so I hope my chances of corona are low. I do have to cancel work this coming week, which is a big bummer. We did however make something positive out of the day, because we hung up most of our photo frames we bought secondhand the past month. This means the living room is almost done! Just some more frames I still have in Enschede and a small table for a plant.

eco-positive weekly diary #137


Judgement day. Today I went out for the COVID-19 test. I was soooo nervous. I had seen horrendous videos of it and I thought it would hurt a lot. Well, was I wrong. My heart was pounding just before the test but to me it was no big deal. It is a really tiny stick they put in your throat and nose. In the nose is a bit of a weird feeling, but still, no pain. I had expected pain and so this was piece of cake. Now it’s just a matter of waiting on the test results. At night, I watched a documentary called Crip Camp. It was really inspiring and so I’ll write about it soon!


I got the results already, I don’t have COVID-19 and so I can go out of our house again. Today our worms came in too! I put them in the worm bin and from now on we can feed them our food scraps and they’ll turn it into compost. I am curious to see how it goes. We also picked up another Too Good To Go package at Lidl again, where we also found nori blades which were about to expire for 0.25 cents! Great find. Because we were going to eat noodles that day, we also needed some specific things at AH. While we were there I performed a little bit of activism. I put some vegan schnitzels next to the meat schnitzels and some plant milk next to the cow milk. Just to make people realize they can make other choices.

eco-positive weekly diary #137


Today I went thrift shopping again, since our laundry rack isn’t exacly working like we want it to. We have one we need to hang onto our doors, which is clumsy. So, I went to find a standing one and I did! I also bought a rasp, mop and another kitchen utensil of which I don’t know the name haha. All secondhand again! Today my boyfriend also did something great! He became a stem-cell donor. This way, one day he might safe a life. Want to know more about that? Read this post.

eco-positive weekly diary #137

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Cameo – word up

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