Eco-positive weekly diary #140: a mistake concerning Frida Kahlo

Hi there! Welcome back into my personal weekly diary. In these diaries I try to show you what an eco-positive lifestyle looks like on a daily basis. I try to tell you more about the habits and choices which makes my life eco-positive. It’s become standard really and I’m almost where I want to be. The past week I sold some clothes on Vinted, made my own organic, zero waste chocolate paste and made a huge mistake. Want to read along? Here’s eco-positive weekly diary #140.


This morning I listed a lot of clothing items from me and my dad on Vinted again. He doesn’t want to do it himself, so he gives me the clothes and the money I earn I can keep. I also had some items I wanted to sell again, I’m still working on a capsule wardrobe. I love Vinted, it’s a great platform to buy and sell clothing. It’s extremely reliable and has never failed me. Let the money roll in!


I tried making chocolate paste (like Nutella) myself for the first time. I don’t like the waste coming with it and the one we buy has palm oil in it. And so, I wanted to see if I could eliminate both. And I did! It was really easy to make and I like the flavor too. My boyfriend thinks it’s a not sweet enough yet, but I’ll just add some more sugar next time. I also went thrift shopping for the last few things in our apartment too today and I found a lamp, a cabinet and a stool. The lamp cost 4 euros, the stool 5 and the cabinet 50. It was a little expensive, but it is a really cool one from the 60’s. I love that vintage look.


I recorded a new video for my Youtube-channel today. It was a great moment to do so since I had the whole day off and my boyfriend wasn’t home. I am proud of the result and will edit that soon! Since my boyfriend wasn’t home I also made myself some plant-based sushi (I could literally eat it every day but he can’t hahaha). At night I to the cinema with the friend, we went to After We Collided. I really loved After on Netflix and so I waned to see this second part. It’s a really simple movie, but I needed that haha. I just love simple love stories. I took my own water bottle with me to not create waste, but I did buy popcorn.


Three sustainable things that I did today: 1. I made some all-purpose cleaner myself and so it’s very low waste. 2. I bought secondhand dust bags for our vacuum cleaner (which is so cheap as well and will last us years I think). You’d be surprised how much you can find secondhand. 3. I made some zucchini soup with saved zucchini’s. I found such an easy recipe which was delicious and so I can now make soup with any vegetable we save. Broccoli soup, cauliflower soup, carrot soup. I’m excited!

eco-positive weekly diary #140


Today I went thrift shopping with a friends for an hour or two. We went to three different thrift shops and I scored some things (again haha!). I bought two boardgames, for 50 cents each! I love boardgames. And I also bought the very last photo-frame for up our wall for 60 cents. And a skinny jeans because the one I have doesn’t fit me any longer. I bought another one for just 3 euros and the one that doesn’t fit me anymore I will try to sell again, it is till in good shape still. For dinner, we had some vegetables left from a package we saved from TooGoodToGo. We had fennel left and I don’t like fennel at all. However, my boyfriend managed to make a great dish out of it and we ate it all!

eco-positive weekly diary #140


I made a mistake a while ago. I hung up a portrait of Frida Kahlo in our living room. That itself is not a mistake, but I didn’t inform myself enough about her. She’s become an icon of feminism for me, but also of fashion, but nobody knows her story and that’s quite sad. I picked a picture where she’s portrayed as white (she’s a woman of color) and they made her face more symmetrical for the sake of ‘beauty’. It is just so wrong. I didn’t even know this, but read an article and I learned. I am going to take this picture of the wall and hang a picture of a feminist I know much more about and which therefore suits me better. A real picture, not made white or symmetrical. I should have never used Frida as a fashion symbol and today I learned from my mistake. I dishonored her and will do better.

eco-positive weekly diary #140


Yesterday I ordered another TooGoodToGo package to save some food. That’s because we barely had any food left. This morning I went to pick it up and I wasn’t disappointed. The amount of food you get for 2,99 euros is crazy! I also published a video on Youtube today that I’m really proud of, you can watch it here. It’s about how to buy sustainable stuff and clothes. At night, I had an online training for my new job via Zoom. It was good and I’m excited for this new job!

Favorite song of the week:

Brace – Vraag Jezelf Eens Af

Yours sincerely,

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