Ecosia: The sustainable search engine

This is the very first blogpost for the theme ‘What you should know’ on my blog. This post is about a very simple sustainable switch, yet it is a beautiful one! When people see me using this search engine I always get a ton of fun questions my way. I am talking about: Ecosia, a sustainable search engine.


Ecosia is my replacement for Google. What Google does with her profits is cute, pretty offices with the newest gadgets, new applicatiosn and all that stuff. But what Ecosia does with her profit is even better!

Ecosia plants trees with her profit! And that’s exactly what we need, since we’re facing climate change. We need more forests to clean the air, create more biodiversity and take up more CO2. So, with this search engine you can make your internet use a little bit more sustainable since using the internet takes a lot of energy and resources. At this moment that I’m writing this Ecosia has planted 5,361,515 trees already!

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Using Ecosia

Searching the internet using Ecosia works exactly the same as with Google. You just have to set up Ecosia as your homepage when you open Safari (or any other internet application)! This way searching sustainable gets a lot easier and this way we can make the world a little greener. Ah! And a huge plus: in the right upper corner you can see your personal ‘tree-counter’. This number shows you how many trees have been planted by Ecosia due to your searches.

If you sign up for the e-mail updates from Ecosia, you get fun e-mail about what they’ve accomplished already or are working on right now. Just like this fun video about 2016.

Do you use Ecosia?

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