I’m becoming an entrepreneur!

On my blog you hear me talk all the time about ‘saving the world’. This is besides being happy and making others happy sort of a life goal. Doing something good for the world makes me happy. Now, I hear you think: ‘Romee, you can’t save the world on your own’. I know that, let’s frame it differently then: ‘leaving the world behind when I die in a better shape than it was when I was born’. And in that context I have exciting news! I’m becoming an entrepreneur!

Doing Research

Yes, I’m becoming an entrepreneur! I reached out to the Saxion Center for Entrepreneurship at my school for this and I’m currently setting up a business plan. I can’t tell too much about it yet, since I’m not entirely sure yet in what form this will be. But! I have been doing research the past months. The other day I went out with a friend (thanks Aniek!) to ask people on the streets what they thought of my plans. I interviewed people.

‘Dreams? No. Plans? Yes.’


The interviews were about waste (surprise!). That’s because the business I’m planning to start also had a lot to do with waste. I wanted to share a small part of the reactions here because I was very happy with them and they’re positive in general (yay!). Most people I asked think (plastic) waste is a negative thing. They want to see less packaging in the stores and want to see a change. Most people were also bothered by litter. The idea of package-free groceries (spoiler) sounded good to most people!

The Result

Even though it was quite scary to do these interviews (most people think you’re an annoying sales person and so they walk around you), they got me a lot of new insights. I am so excited and have many new ideas now! I was also very thankful a friend went with me, that made the whole thing a lot easier and less scary. For now, stay tuned, because these interviews are going to transform into an actual business!

Yours sincerely,

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