I’ve been to a lecture by Bea Johnson!

A while ago, the bloggers of Het Zero Waste Project announced that they’ve been organizing a lecture in Amsterdam. Bea Johnson was coming to Amsterdam! Oh my, I was so happy to hear this news and I believe I was one of the first people to buy a ticket. The 14th of March it happened, and I was there! Yes, I’ve been to a lecture by Bea Johnson.

Bea Johnson

Bea Johnson is almost a concept in the zero-waste community, she is our Queen B! Johnson was one of the first people to adopt a zero waste lifestyle and she is an absolute expert on the subject. And so, that’s what the lecture was about: a zero waste lifestyle.

The Lecture

The lecture was going to be in Amsterdam, which was a bit of a challenge for an 18-year old from Enschede (the other side of the country). Things like this always take place in Amsterdam, our capital city. I felt like a lost tourist in the big city haha. I was alone, my iPhone 4 let me down, but I managed to get on the right boat in the last 10 seconds before it was leaving, pfew! Afterwards, I felt like a bad-ass. I had managed to find it!

Bea gave the lecture mostly with photo’s of her house, which I found very inspiring. She went through each room separately and then told us how she managed to live zero waste (in the bathroom for example). What I liked also, is that besides zero waste, Bea and her family live very minimalistic too. When her family and her go on holiday everyone can fit all their belongings into one suitcase, that makes just four suitcases for one household! This way they also rent their house on AirBnB when they’re gone too, clever thinking! Even though the house was minimalistic, I loved it! Not boring at all. Especially the minimalism in this lecture gave me a lot of new inspiration again.

After the lecture, there was a discussion too. The audience were allowed to ask questions and I always like that part. Questions about blisters, veganism and more came up. Bea also wrote a book, called Zero Waste Home and you could buy this afterwards and get it signed by her. Even though I liked the idea, I didn’t buy it because I’ll lend it in the library soon. I haven’t read it yet!

I had loads of fun! Have you ever been to a lecture by Bea Johnson?

Yours sincerely,

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