Let’s Go Green by Sustainable Susan

Let's go green by sustainable susan

There are a few books that tell you a lot about a sustainable lifestyle. I’ve already shared the one I think is most important, you can read more about that book here. Yet, today I want to share another book which is just alike it, just a little bit less concrete but very broad. A book that covers a lot of subjects and gives a ton of information: Let’s Go Green by Sustainable Susan.

This is unfortunately a Dutch book. I’ve written this blogpost in English because I prefer to be consistent with my language on this blog. 

Let’s Go Green

Let’s Go Green is a lifestyle guide for a sustainable lifestyle. In the book Susan tackles 9 categories and tells you everything you need to know about those categories to live sustainable. In total there are 10 chapters, but the first chapter is not a category, it’s about why we need to live a sustainable lifestyle. The 9 categories she tackles are: house, food, transportation, clothing and cosmetics, working and banking, raising kids, hobbies and parties, holidays and compensation. Now, I think this is all very helpful because all these subjects are things I personally do in my life. Especially if you just start with a sustainable lifestyle (and have read this book first) this is a good guide. It really functions as a guide too, every time you need to know something or make a choice you can open the chapter you need and the information is right there.

‘250.000 kilo aarde moet worden omgeploegd om een 1 karaat diamant (0,2 gram) te produceren’ – random fact from the book Let’s Go Green

What I liked

I love the fact that this book is a guide. Whenever I need to know something about a subject I can grab the book (from the library) and look up something. Sure, I like to do my own research too sometimes, but this is an easy start. For me, the fact that sources and brands are mentioned is the most important. Even though I thrive to but everything secondhand, it’s not always possible. And some people just don’t like to buy everything secondhand.

Also, I am almost moving out and I’m certain I’ll find things I don’t want to buy secondhand. I wrote it before in this guide on how to buy sustainable. The last option of buying something is to buy something new but sustainable. An example is bedding, I just went to chapter 57 and I see some brand she recommends and there I go, I can sustainable bedding.

Think for yourself

The last thing I want to mention is that this is not a perfect solution. Sure, you can look up where to buy party decoration when you’re celebrating something, but make sure you think for yourself. You still need to think about what’s important to you and be creative. Maybe there are other ways too. But for now, I’d say this is a very helpful guide. There is a lot of information on why and how to live sustainable.

Have you read Let’s Go Green by Sustainable Susan?

Yours sincerely,

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