Life update: I’m moving to Groningen!

The last few months have been hectic and my plans and thoughts have been all over the place. I just started again with my weekly diaries, but I thought that wouldn’t be enough to clarify everything happening in my life right now. And so today I want to write a big update to tell you what is happening in my life and what’s going to change. It’s a big life update: I’m moving to Groningen.

Moving to Groningen

It’s the big title of this blog: I’m moving out! Together with my boyfriend I found an apartment in Groningen and so I’m leaving my parents in Enschede. Groningen is about 190 km away from Enschede, so it’s quite a big move. I’m so excited! And as I’m writing I’m waiting to go, we’re officially moving in about 2 hours. I’m all set up to go. If you’ve read the post about my little existential crisis a while back, you know that I was already on doubt on whether to continue my studies or quit due to the coronavirus.

For now, I’ve made the decision to stop studying. I just don’t think I can get everything I want out of my education right now due to the coronavirus. At the same time, I was a bit done with my hometown. Most of my friends have moved out and I really felt like it was time for something new. And since I wasn’t going to Amsterdam I decided to go with my boyfriend to Groningen, who is going to study there. We’ve been together for over 4.5 years and so it felt good. So from today we’re going on this adventure together.

Sustainable Changes

In terms of sustainability I think this move actually improves my life. We have a small apartment with a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom. It was built last year (and it was officially complete on my birthday last year, it was meant to be!) and so is new and built sustainably. It’s all electrical, we won’t have any gas supply. Also, it’s very well isolated. But I think lifestyle changes will be the biggest change. Each year I measure my impact and there are some categories, like electricity and water use, I can’t measure since I live with my parents and so I always take the average score on those categories. Next year I can finally measure my impact and see how I am really doing.

Also, I hope to find a job in Groningen, which means I don’t have to travel as much anymore (like I did to school). A lot of my traveling was to my boyfriend and back home, but since we’ll live together now that’s not necessary anymore! I will of course every once in a while go back to Enschede to see my parents and friends, but I don’t know how often that’s going to be.

Changes on this blog

Together with those lifestyle changes, I think this blog will become more elaborate too! There are many subjects I don’t share yet, since I haven’t come in contact with them. I didn’t do my own laundry, groceries, cleaning, actually the entire household! My parents have been doing almost everything for me the past 21 years (and I’m so grateful for that!). From now on it’s all me (and my boyfriend). That means there is more research to do and more things to do sustainable. DIY’s for laundry detergent, soap, cleaning agent, and all that. Decluttering tips and how to decorate sustainably. Monthly trash updates and how to shop zero waste in Groningen. And more!

That’s all about my big life update and me moving to Groningen. I hope you’re all up-to-date on my life right now haha. I am so excited for this big adventure and we’ll see what’s to come!

Yours sincerely,

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