My first weekly diary!

My first weekly diary

This summer I want to try something new: a weekly diary. In these diaries I want to give you an insight in my life. No, my goal is not to get famous or show you how exciting my life is. I want to give you a realistic view of my life and my journey towards a sustainable lifestyle. Also, I just love to write! Every Thursday I will post a weekly diary. It is an experiment, so I’ll share my summer this year to see that’s going. Excuse me for the bad photos, I still have an Iphone 4 and I’m waiting till it dies and I have an excuse to buy a refurbished better phone. Here’s my first weekly diary!


Thursday was the first day of the summer holiday! Yes, really. The holiday has started quite early for me. The past 6 months I have been doing an internship at a Penitentiary Facility in Lelystad. Prison, yes. It was quite a journey and I learned a lot. My internship required me to work 40 hours a week and so to now jumping into this holiday is a strange feeling. Especially not having to get up early this morning was weird. I lived at my boyfriend’s house (at his parents) the past 6 months because Lelystad is too far from Enschede to travel everyday. But today I moved back to Enschede. All my belongings fitted into a sports bag and I’m quite proud of that. I also started training handball in Enschede again today, which was nice!


Today I did get up early. Since I’m already used to this, I might as well stick to it. This way I have long days. I went to my boyfriend by train today, to pick up one of his friends from the airport. That friends has also done an internship the past months, but in China. It was the first time I picked up someone from the airport. I wasn’t really prepared and so I bought a sandwich in plastic along the way, I didn’t think it would take as long as it did. Tip for next time: bring more food! At night we made a bonfire and sat by it until late at night. This holiday is good already!



Today my boyfriend and I went to Bataviastand in Lelystad. It’s a shopping mall. I tried not to buy anything new, since that is not sustainable. But I ended up falling for a new shirt/dress, which doesn’t happen that often. Now that I bought it I try to not feel guilty but just be happy with it. I’m only human after all. At night we hung out with friends again!


This morning I was standing beside my bed early again (well, my boyfriend’s bed). I had a handball tournament and so I went back to Enschede. Normally, I love traveling by public transportation, but today was a disaster. I arrived at the station at 8:15, but my train was cancelled. After 30 minutes another train came, luckily. But when I had to transit, my next train was cancelled too. I wasn’t happy. The tournament luckily was fun after all! Even though I was way too late and we didn’t play that well haha.


To keep up the good behavior, I got up at 7 am. I had an appointment in Hengelo, for my plans of becoming an entrepreneur. It was a lot of fun and inspiring, I am always full of energy after a meeting! I also worked in my new vegetable garden today, which I enjoy a lot. Together with a friend I went to the cinema, to see The Circle. A good idea to go to the cinema when it’s 3o degrees Celsius outside, we were all by ourselves haha. Of course I went in zero waste style, with my own drinking bottle and home-made zero waste popcorn in my own bag.

Zero waste popcorn en water!


Today was a busy day, but a lot of fun. I had some chores to do at home. One of them is cleaning the bathroom. When I have my own house (I don’t know when that’ll be) I’ll experiment by making my own cleaning products. I’ve read a lot about it. I also went to the library today, I love going there. Currently, I am reading the Harry Potter series, I haven’t read them before (I know, I’m a true barbarian). I ran into some teammates of mine at the city center and so we had some drinks together. And I also had another appointment for my businessplan. At night I went to my boyfriend by train, without delay this time!


I really love this warm weather, it would be summer every day if it was up to me! Together with my boyfriend I painted some cabinets and had some drinks at a terrace. Sun, drinks and coziness, yes! We also went biking for a long while after that, I just love that. And I sold another book on Marktplaats (the Dutch E-bay) because I am decluttering my room again!


Did you like my first weekly diary?

Yours sincerely,

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