My personal bucket list

It’s 80% sure that my life is taking a different turn the coming months. I’ve explained that in this post two weeks ago. I will not persue a master’s degree in Environment and Resource Management this year, instead I’ll probably move across to country with my boyfriend. Everything is uncertain right now. This makes me reflect and evaluate again on what I want in life. Today I want to share a small part of that: my bucket list.

Bucket List

A bucket list is a list of things people still want to do before they die. I hope I have a long time left, but still I thought I’d be fun to make a bucket list. All the things I want to do in my life. That might change throughout my life but who knows. I want to mention I actually don’t have a physical bucket list and so this blogpost basically is a personal exercise for me, it makes me reflect at this point in time where everything is uncertain. And I hope that it will give me even more rest and focus. There are small things on this list, but also big ones. Let’s see, here’s my personal bucket list.

1 Travel in a van

I have doubted whether I really wanted to travel. It’s something everybody of my generation does and so I needed to figure out if it was something I really wanted or what I thought I wanted. I think I want it! But slow and sustainable, in a van. Taking my time and seeing new places. From one place to another. I don’t want to fly to Australia all at once, I first want to see nearby and slowly go further. I don’t know if this is something that’ll come true one day, since I don’t want to do it alone.

2 Piano lessons

I’ve had a keyboard for years now. I think it was about 8 years ago that I decided I wanted to play piano. Back then I bought a secondhand keyboard and figured I was going to work hard and learn it by the books. That was waaay harder than I thought, unfortunately. My group of friends then gifted me an online course, but again it wasn’t really my way of learning. So, I’ve decided that some day I’ll take piano lessons. I hope it’s the coming year.

3 Go into politics

This is something that has been itching for years. If you have been following my weekly diaries you might know that I have already tried this. I tried it at GroenLinks (A Dutch party). However, the role that I was given was just not for me. Going by houses to convince people to vote for GroenLinks. It just don’t like that part of politics. I want to do something different, a commission or something. I don’t know how this’ll work out, but what I do know that I will not do anything for Groenlinks at this point. It will be for the Party for the Animals (which sounds like it’s just about animals but it’s really not), since I also vote for them.

4 Set up an animal sanctuary

We have arrived at one of my biggest dreams: saving animals. I’ve been wanting to help animals for years now, but it’s only recently that I figured I could do this by setting up a sanctuary, a peaceful place. My big inspiration is Sofie Senden, who’s Youtube channel I have shared before. She has an animal sanctuary and much of the same values that I share. She gives me the inspiration that it is possible! I hope that one day I can make this dream come true, because I really want to save lives.

5 Pierce my ears

Ahh, this has been one of those things which I keep postponing. I love earrings! I love pictures of ears full or piercings. I haven’t gotten any piercings just yet because I’m affraid it will look bad on me (I know that makes no sense). Also, I like minimalistic jewelry. I don’t want to own too much gold or silver since it’s scarce and I want to share. Also, I want vintage jewelry (you can read why here). I just have to do a little research for this because I first need to buy vintage jewelry and then check with the piercing shop if they can pierce that. It’s a little bit of work which I just haven’t put in yet.

6 Start dancing again

When I was younger I used to dance hiphop. I loved it! But I quit when my part-time job wanted me to come work on friday nights. Right now I feel stupid, trading dancing for working. I miss it! I miss that energy, that joy. Since I am older now I find it somehow harder to start again. People my age are experienced at this point, and I have to start at the very beginning. I don’t know why that is stopping me. I hope to start again the coming years.

7 Start kickboxing

While I was writing my thesis, I went to the Basic Fit gym almost every day. I tried to do a different lesson every day and one day I did a boxing class. I loved it! It gave me so much energy and power. I kept on doing it. From Februari on I was free from school and started working. I promised myself that when I would find a job I would sign up for kickboxing. During the first weeks of this new job I worked 60 hours a week and after that the coronavirus came to The Netherlands and so I haven’t been able to go. I hope to do so soon.

8 Own a vegetable garden

This might not be efficient or per se environmental friendly (this depends on the fertilizer you personally use), but this is a tiny dream of mine. I just love gardening and being a little self-sufficient. I have a vegetable garden right now at my parents house, but it is very small and this dream is about a big garden which can make me self-sufficient. Maybe I’ll one day own a community garden or have a vegetable garden in my own backyard.

9 Get a first aid degree

This had been on my bucket list for a long time. Why? Because it costs about 200 euros each time and you have to redo it every year. I know, that is stupid. I am so wealthy and privileged and I feel like I should educate myself to help others in a critical situation. I’ve been putting it off for a long time, but I don’t want to anymore. When the coronavirus is controlled and courses are available I will take one. I hope that’s within this year.

That’s it for today! My personal bucket list. I do want to mention that I am not blind to the current events happening, George Floyd being killed and the Black Lives Matter protests. I have been a part of it, but I haven’t shared much on this blog because, 1. this is not about me. 2. I need to educate myself better and 3. do better. Please know that I support the movement and stand behind the people affected. I am just figuring out my place right now and so right now I feel like I am not in the position to share anything about it just yet.

Yours sincerely,

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