My preparations for Sziget 2017

My preparations for Sziget 2017

Yes, you’re reading this right, I am going to the Sziget festival! Every year I go on a holiday with friends and this year we’re going to Budapest because we wanted to go to the Sziget festival together. I am so excited, oh my. But today I don’t want to share about the festival itself, I want to share my preparations for Sziget 2017.

Sziget Festival

Maybe you’ve never heard of the Sziget Festival before. But it is one of the biggest music festival in Europa. The whole things lasts 7 entire days and we will be there for the full period (you can also attend less days if you want to). The acts that are coming, jeee, I am so enthusiastic! Anyway, I didn’t want to write this post to make you jealous (is it working?). I want to share my preparations to attend the festival (and the entire holiday of 10 days, we will also see Budapest for 3 days before the festival starts) as sustainable as I can.

I’m Flying

Yes, the start is horrendous. I’ve written about it before in this post, but I’m flying to Budapest. Like I shared in that post, I am taking as little as possible, taking my own food on the trip and I am compensating my flight via Trees For All. They are a reliable company for planting trees. And for next time: I am planning on ditching the plane altogether, that’s most sustainable.

The Festival

I am taking a reusable bottle onto the festival terrain, if security allows it. The one I am taking is made out of plastic, because any other material might be seen as a weapon (yes, they’re really strict and they should be). It isn’t really reusable because I bought a 2 liter bottle for this purpose (but I am going to reusable the entire week). That’s because 2 liter is the maximum amount of water you’re allowed to take with you. I think this purchase was justified because it will save waste in the end (I don’t have to buy bottled water at the festival).

I am also taking my reusable cup for drinks at the festival that aren’t water. If you see how many cups are thrown onto the ground on festivals. Jee, it’s insane. And last but not least, I am taking my reusable cutlery too. I will use those for the meals I am buying at the festival. I’ll see how it goes. It’s all a surprise still because it’s my first time attending.

Outside of the Festival

Buying organic, package-free groceries is impossible on a holiday with friends. I am not the only one who decides over the budget. We all contribute. However, I will take some reusable bags with me in case I run into something without packaging. Fruits, veggies and bread are often available without packaging. Last year I also took some compostable trash-bags with me to at least separate the trash and recycle it. It wasn’t perfect, but it’s the best I could manage and so I am bringing those again this year. Also, I want to try to eat vegan where possible. I am currently a vegetarian, but I am really working on that. On holiday I can choose what I eat myself and so I am at least trying to eat vegan.

Not Perfect

It’s all far from perfect, I know. There are some basic things that I do everyday and so will continue on this holiday. Like my zero waste shampoo, make-up remover and cotton pads. That will be the same as back home in Enschede. But the rest will be a surprise. I will try my best and see how it all works out. Once I am back from my holiday I will share an evaluation too to discuss how my plans worked out. For now I am prepared and will focus on having as much fun as I can. It is a holiday after all!

What did you think of my preparations for Sziget 2017?

Yours sincerely,

10 thoughts on “My preparations for Sziget 2017”

  1. ” Deze die ik meeneem is van plastic (ik heb er twee), ikzelf zie dit niet als een gevaarlijk wapen waar ik iemand mee neer kan steken. Maar je weet maar nooit wat onder het ‘gevaarlijke wapens’ valt. ”

    Bij de Eiffeltoren was dat dus wel het geval 🙁 Er stond heel veel security omheen de laatste keer dat ik er was (tweede fotoblokje, foto rechtsboven). Alle lege flesjes mochten NIET mee naar binnen. Nog strenger dan op het vliegveld!

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