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I have started this blog in 2016 and over the years there is a lot of information to be found. This makes it hard to distinguish which things are most important when it comes to a sustainable lifestyle on a personal level. However, when starting a sustainable (=eco-positive) lifestyle it’s extremely important to know where to start. Certain habits are more important to change than others since the negative impact of that behavior is bigger. And so, here’s a small guide on where to start your eco-positive lifestyle. I ranked the posts so you know which posts to read first:

1 What is an Eco-Positive Lifestyle?
Here you can read what an eco-positive lifestyle is, the basis of this blog. You can also find there how to calculate whether your own lifestyle is sustainable. I did this myself a few times. You can read here how I personally did in 2017/2018, here how I did in 2018/2019 and here how I did in 2019/2020.

2 The Hidden Impact by Babette Porcelijn
In this post you can read which behavior is most important when it comes to a sustainable lifestyle. There’s a top 10 of behavior which causes the most negative impact on the planet. If you change that first, you’re most likely to live a sustainable lifestyle. Based on that top 10, the following posts are very important.

3 How to Buy Sustainable in 6 Steps

4 How to Go Vegan

5 How to Ditch The Plane

6 Why I don’t Own a Car

7 How to Make Sustainable Food Choices

8 How to Buy Sustainable Clothing

These 8 posts are the really the most important posts on this blog if you ask me. If you manage to do everything I mentioned in those blogposts there is a great change that you live a sustainable (=eco-positive) lifestyle. Of course I find all the rest of the posts on this blog important too! Otherwise I wouldn’t have written them haha. A few other posts I want to highlight is: voting with your money and sustainable banking. Besides personal behavior, money has a great impact as well.

So, this is where to start if you want to live a sustainable lifestyle. It’s the base. Then you can read all the other things on my blog if you want to 🙂 And remember, you’re always free to ask me anything! I’m happy to help.

Yours sincerely,