News + What You Can Do About It | June 2021

Mainstream news in The Netherlands is depressing. It has to be shocking, sensational and topical. Because of this news gets negative and people who only follow this news feel like the world around them is changing in a bad way. They lose trust in people and companies and they lose hope. Besides that, it makes people feel powerless. Yet, it has been scientifically proved that the world gets better every single day for humans. And so, I share 7 news-article once a month in these posts. A mix of positive and bad news, but mostly positive, to make sure that positive news has the upper-hand. Along, I share a practical tip on what you can do to change that news. This could be a lifestyle change, a petition to sign or a social media campaign to support, anything. To make you feel in power, because we are! This way you’ll know about the positive news, how to keep it that way, the negative news and how to change that!

Release of the Damn, horny Book 1-6

Yes! Two of my favorite feminists have released another book (after Damn, honey and Heb je nou al een vriend?). Damn, horny is a collection of sex stories written by real people! This book is a response to the heteronormative, patriarchal and binary sex books mostly available. Stories which aren’t real and focus on the male gaze. Damn, horny is a book with real or made-up fantasy stories from real people and it’s extremely diverse. It’s about sex in all genders, all sexual preferences, all sizes and more! Want to read a sexy book that is real? Read this one.

Personal practical tip: read Damn, horny!! Good to mention: this is a Dutch book.

Press Agency ANP Will Finally Use Gender Neutral Pronouns 3-6

Up until today there are a lot of agencies which don’t use gender neutral pronouns if people identify theirselves as non-binary. It’s insane. People should be able to decide theirselves as to how they want to be called. Press Agency ANP will finally use non-binary pronouns from today on using the words ‘die’, ‘hen’ or ‘hun’, Dutch non-binary pronouns. It’s a big step since ANP delivers news articles to all of the big Dutch media platforms. It’s a step towards acceptance and normalization.

Personal practical tip: when introducing yourself say which pronouns you prefer. I usually say: My name is Romee, I am from Groningen and my pronouns are she or her. This way we normalize all the different available pronouns.

Plant-based Dairy May Still be Named Dairy 3-6

This title is ridiculous, I know. This all started because the dairy industry feels threatened. They are seeing the rise of vegan products which can easily replace dairy. And so, they lobbied in Brussel at the European Parlement (using a lot of money) for a law that would prevent vegan dairy from being named dairy. They claim that it’s confusing for customers, but they’re just concerned that their business will go bankrupt due to vegan dairy. If something say ‘soy yoghurt’ or ‘plant-based cheese’ no-one will be confused. People intentionally choose vegan products. Anyhow, the European Parlement has dismissed the proposal! Plant-based dairy may still be named plant-based dairy.

Personal practical tip: try using my list of dairy and egg replacements to change your diet, go vegan!

Dutch People Consume too much PFAS 6-6

A recent study of the RIVM (a Dutch agency) has stated that Dutch people consume too much PFAS through our drinking water and food. PFAS are heavily chemical substances used in a lot of things even though it has been proven that they are dangerous. PFAS can be found in non-sticking coating in pans and food packaging for example. PFAS causes sickness (it can weaken you immune system) and so it is ridiculous that we still use it. In some countries, like Denmark, they have banned the use of PFAS in for example food packaging.

Personal practical tip: don’t use pans with PFAS, an alternative is a pan made out of RVS. And if you live as zero waste as possible, you avoid most food packaging and so PFAS. But of course we need legislation for this problem. Vote for parties which care for our environment.

Seventeen Organization Warn About Unsafe Environment in Dutch Parliament 15-6

Seventeen organizations which fight for women’s rights have sounded the alarm and wrote an urgent letter to the Dutch parliament. They are truly concerned about the safety of women due to sexual harassment. There are a number of reasons for this letter. It seems that the Dutch parliament is unable to create a safe space for women in parliament and also isn’t doing enough when sexual harassment happens. The organizations urge the parliament to take precautions. This again shows how we still need feminism. Women aren’t safe and people are doing nothing about it.

Personal practical tip: support organizations which fight for women’s rights. Clara Wichmann is one I personally support and they do a lot of amazing work.

VZW Klimaatzaak Wins Climate Case in Belgium 20-6

A few years ago in the Netherlands Urgenda sued the Dutch state for not meeting the climate agreements set in The Paris Agreement. They won and after that VZW Klimaatzaak has done the same thing in Belgium. They won too! The court ruled that the Belgian government is not doing enough to combat climate change and therefore is violating basic human rights. The court has ruled that the Belgian government should do something about climate change. However, they haven’t stated how much they should reduce the emissions and so VZW Klimaatzaak has signed an appeal. They want concrete goals.

Personal practical tip: based upon scientific research the best thing an individual can do to combat climate change is: 1#, stop buying new stuff and 2# stop eating meat. Let’s start there!

New Footage of Dutch Slaughterhouse Shows Horrific Scenes 28-6

For the 10000th time new undercover footage of a slaughterhouse shows horror. The footage was made at Gosschalk in Epe in The Netherlands. Be aware: this is not an exception. I will spare you the details of the footage, I just hope you’ll watch it yourself. This is reality. Time after time after time this has been shown to the world. Animals endure extreme horror on a daily basis. They’re treated as products and that is not weird considering how much meat we consume, the rate of slaughter needs to be extremely high because of this. It’s time we open our eyes and see what horror we cause by eating meat.

Personal practical tip: read the ethical reasons not to consume meat and go vegan.

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