Personal Sustainability Evaluation of Sziget

Right now, I am already back in The Netherlands for over a week. Before that, I was in Budapest for 10 days, of which I spend 7 days at the Sziget Festival. Here you can read how I prepared myself for it, to attend in the most sustainable way I could. Today I want to share my evaluation. How sustainable was this holiday of mine eventually? Here’s my personal sustainability evaluation of Sziget.


Before I start with the sustainability part, I want to share how unbelievably epic Sziget was. Really, if you ever have the chance to go, go! I saw such amazing acts, like P!nk, Macklemore, Iggy Azalea, Birdy and even more. I can’t even name a highlight because the whole experience was one big highlight. Besides the music acts, there is a lot more too. Great food, TEDx talks, (vegan) circuses, free massages and more!

Personal Sustainability Evaluation of Sziget

But then back to the sustainability part: what worked and what did not work at all?

The Flight

Of course flying is not sustainable, but I’m working on that for next time. For this holiday the flight went okay. I was very well prepared. I took my own reusable water bottle and lunch box with my own food in it. All zero waste. My parents don’t buy their groceries zero waste, but it does still save waste. I personally didn’t have to buy any packaged food on the trip. But then I was surprised because we got free food on the flight. They handed out vegetarian wraps and I was so surprised that I didn’t refuse it. But then they came again with drinks and then I did manage to refuse those. Nearly perfect.

The Festival

afval sziget

Every day we took about 2 liters of water with us. When they were empty we refilled them at the special water taps. But after 2 days I wanted something else beside water. I discovered a new flavor of Fanta and I got addicted. This was only available in plastic bottles and so my reusable cup was useless. There was one day where I ordered a coke, but that was the only day I forgot the reusable cup. Bummer. I was however able to recycle the bottles at special recycling points. That made it all a bit better.

When it comes to food the festival was heaven. All sorts of 100% vegan food, yay! Eating vegan on the terrain was a piece of (vegan) cake. Below you can see the best vegan hotdog I’ve ever had (even my non-vegetarian friends loved it!). I did manage to use my reusable cutlery every single time. That was a win! I didn’t bring my own plate, that would have been a good addition too for next time (maybe a reusable bamboo plate or something). If I bring that too, I can eat all zero waste!

vegan broodjes

Outside of the Festival

I want to write a blogpost about Budapest soon, more about that later. But for now, as expected, the groceries weren’t organic or zero waste. Only the bread I bought in the morning I managed to buy zero waste, so that was a win! I celebrate each win haha. We also bought fruits and veggies as zero waste as possible, but organic wasn’t an option. I am also happy about the separation and recycling of waste. We separated plastic, paper and glass in compostable bags. Great that you can recycle in Hungary! Eating vegan outside of the festival didn’t work out because I shared my food with my friends. At least it was vegetarian!

All in all, there is a lot to improve. Ditching the plane, ditching some more waste and eating 100% vegan. For my next holiday: I’ll do better!

What did you think of this personal sustainability evaluation of Sziget?

Yours sincerely,

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