Adopting/Fostering Children

This post is quite personal. And while writing this down, I feel quite vulnerable. I don’t know why that is so, since I’ve shared my plans for the future a few times before already. In this letter to my future self I wrote down that I want to be a foster parent, so today’s post is not new. However, I have learned a lot about especially adoption the past years and so I want to share what I know, because I feel like adoption can be harmful if it’s not done right. Here’s what I know about adopting/fostering children. And alongside I will share my personal plans with that.

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Life Update: I got a full-time job!

The last life update that I shared was not so long ago. On July 13th 2022, I officially heard that I graduated. I now have a master of science. Two weeks later I shared that news on this blog and more about what’s next. My focus was to find a job, but keep pursuing my hobbies and other things I like in the meantime. That first part is done! That’s why today I am sharing this life update: I got a full-time job!

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Room Tour

Two years ago, I did a room tour. Or actually, two room tours. Back then, I still lived with my parents and they are divorced, so that’s why I did two room tours. In their houses, I had one room for myself, a bedroom. In the meantime, I have moved to Groningen and then again to Amsterdam, where I live now. And so, it’s time to do a new room tour, to show you how minimalistic (or not) I live these days. I’m excited to show you!

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Food Cooperatives

More than 3 years ago I wrote a post called: how to make sustainable food choices. It’s a step by step guide for making the most sustainable choices when it comes to food. However, that post assumes you’re already in a shop of some kind. A supermarket, a farmer’s market, a local shop, etc. Right now, years later, I’m looking at the bigger picture. Where should we buy our food? I dived into the subject and found one very promising solution: food cooperatives.

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What is an eco-positive lifestyle?

An eco-positive lifestyle, it’s the lifestyle I thrive. It’s in line with my values and it makes me happy. I’ve written about it a lot, since it’s the subject of my blog. I I try to give tools and information so that an eco-positive lifestyle becomes tangible. I feel like it would be best if we’d all thrive to live eco-positive. But never have I dedicated a blogpost on what an eco-positive lifestyle¬†actually is.¬†That’s what I’d like to describe today. What is an eco-positive lifestyle?

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Have I Lived Eco-Positive the Past Year? 2021/2022

Yes! Another year has passed and so it’s time to measure how I’ve done. If you’re wondering: no, it’s not actually a new year, it’s still September. But I once started measuring whether I had lived eco-positive the past year in September and since I do this on a yearly basis, I keep doing it in September. It’s the big moment of truth for me every year. Have I lived eco-positive this past year? Edition 2021/2022. Let’s find out!

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Cynicism is Easy but Wrong

If I had to categorize all the reasons why people do not act on the facts they know, live a sustainable or eco-positive lifestyle, cynicism is definitely the biggest reason. There are many things I say about cynicism, but there is one feeling predominant. Cynicism is easy, it’s a reason to be lazy. But that does not make it morally right. Today I’ll tell you why I think cynicism is easy, but wrong.

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5 Ways to Volunteer in Your Own Time

When I talk about volunteering with someone, people usually think of organizations where they can do something. Think of the food bank, the animal shelter or a local school. That’s great and I’ll soon write something about those options. However, you can also do something on your own terms. This way you’re not bound to specific times. There’s a lot we can do without these organizations. Today I’ll tell you about 5 ways to volunteer in your own time.

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My Experiences with Getting Off The Birth Control Pill

About 11 years ago, when I was about 12 years old, I started taking the birth control pill. My doctor recommended it to me and my mom, while we were at her practice. She recommended it because I had quite severe acne and that made me very unhappy. After some years the acne went away but I stuck with the pill as a contraceptive. In December 2021, last year, I started doubting it. Was the pill still right for me? I decided to test it and quit taking it. Today I’ll tell you about my experiences with getting of the birth control pill.

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Life Update: I got my Master of Science!

This past February I started my thesis. I was very nervous about it, because when I wrote my thesis for my bachelor Facility Management I failed the first attempt. This time it went very smooth, a little too smooth sometimes, because that’s what I experienced during my bachelor too. So I got worried. But on July 13th 2022 I got the news that I passed my thesis. And so I have a major life update: I got my master of science!

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