Food Cooperatives

More than 3 years ago I wrote a post called: how to make sustainable food choices. It’s a step by step guide for making the most sustainable choices when it comes to food. However, that post assumes you’re already in a shop of some kind. A supermarket, a farmer’s market, a local shop, etc. Right now, years later, I’m looking at the bigger picture. Where should we buy our food? I dived into the subject and found one very promising solution: food cooperatives.

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Why we Should Pay for Journalism

Today, there are a lot of options to gather news for free. In the Netherlands there are multiple websites who offer you news for free. At the same time, there’s also a group of people who use social media as their news platform, another form of free news. There is no such things as free news, because journalism is a profession. When news is free, there are a lot of downsides to this. Today I want to tell you more about why I think we should pay for journalism.

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