Weekly diary #2

In my first weekly diary I told you that there will be a weekly diary online every Thursday. Maybe you’ve noticed, but the past two weeks there hasn’t appeared one. That’s because I was on a holiday to Gran Canaria (and I wrote a confession about it too). Sun, sea and fun! But I’m back now! Here’s weekly diary #2.

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My first weekly diary!

This summer I want to try something new: a weekly diary. In these diaries I want to give you an insight in my life. No, my goal is not to get famous or show you how exciting my life is. I want to give you a realistic view of my life and my journey towards a sustainable lifestyle. Also, I just love to write! Every Thursday I will post a weekly diary. It is an experiment, so I’ll share my summer this year to see that’s going. Excuse me for the bad photos, I still have an Iphone 4 and I’m waiting till it dies and I have an excuse to buy a refurbished better phone. Here’s my first weekly diary!

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I’m becoming an entrepreneur!

On my blog you hear me talk all the time about ‘saving the world’. This is besides being happy and making others happy sort of a life goal. Doing something good for the world makes me happy. Now, I hear you think: ‘Romee, you can’t save the world on your own’. I know that, let’s frame it differently then: ‘leaving the world behind when I die in a better shape than it was when I was born’. And in that context I have exciting news! I’m becoming an entrepreneur!

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I’ve been to a lecture by Bea Johnson!

A while ago, the bloggers of Het Zero Waste Project announced that they’ve been organizing a lecture in Amsterdam. Bea Johnson was coming to Amsterdam! Oh my, I was so happy to hear this news and I believe I was one of the first people to buy a ticket. The 14th of March it happened, and I was there! Yes, I’ve been to a lecture by Bea Johnson.

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Volunteering opportunity: NLdoet

The 11th of March it is national volunteering-day in The Netherlands. NLdoet is the Dutch organization which plays a big role in this day, they organize actions throughout all of The Netherlands. Painting jobs, planting flowers, spending time with the elderly, there are all kinds of things which you can do. This way, everyone can make The Netherlands a little better on the 11th of March. And I was one of those people! Today I’ll tell you about that volunteering opportunity: NLdoet.

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Volunteering At The Gouda Clean-up

As I’ve written before, I went to my second volunteering activity with Greenpeace on March 4th. On a lovely Saturday noon I went Gouda, because we were going to clean the streets (and the canals) together with The Party for the Animals, the local Greenpeace group of Rotterdam and anyone else who wanted to join. It was an inspiring day for me and I had loads of fun too! I went volunteering at the Gouda Clean-up.

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