Room tour – part 1

Today I want to do a bedroom tour! As the title says, part 1. Now that might make it seem that my bedroom is so big that I need a whole series of blogposts just to show you my room. But no, I don’t have a gigantic bedroom (at least for western measures). I am even more spoiled. I have two! My parents have been divorced since I was young and so I sort of have 2 houses. That’s why today I’ll share just one bedroom. Here’s my room tour – part 1.


This first bedroom is the most minimalistic. Like, extremely minimalistic. I love it! But it’s not a realistic view of all the items I own, since I have another bedroom. The bedroom I am about to share today is the bedroom where I sleep the least. Also, I keep my food and clothes in my other bedroom at my other house. Food in the bedroom? Well, yes. It’s a bit of a weird story but it’s mostly because we don’t have enough stocking room for all the food and so since I am the one who buys things nobody else eats (since I eat vegan), I am the one who stores food in my own room. You’ll see that in part 2 next week.

Also, as I said, I don’t keep my clothes in this bedroom I am about to share. My clothes are at one place (bedroom 2) so that I can keep track of everything. If all my clothes are spread over two houses, in the closets, the laundry etc,  then I will have to search forever for one shirt. And so, that’s why this bedroom 1 is more minimalistic than bedroom 2.

My Style

Both my bedrooms are not my style except for a few items. That might seem a little odd, since it’s my personal room. But, for the bedrooms I am about to share I’d say: it’s been this way for a long time and since I am moving in September and my parents don’t like me painting my room or anything like that, I decided to keep the style the same. The color on the wall, the bed, all that stuff. A few years ago I just decided that I would not alter it too much anymore and when I have my place I can do everything I want. In September I’ll probably have my own room and then I’ll probably share a new room tour. For now, this is my bedroom room tour – part 1.

Wall One

Okay, so my room had four walls and so I have four pictures to explain what my room looks like. On this picture there’s a window, heater, roller blind, curtains and that’s it. All these things I need and use. But! I did hang up my old shoes from when I was a baby up there. Vintage decoration, saved by my parents haha. I don’t put anything on the window-sill anymore (I used to have plants on there), because that’s really inconvenient when I want to put the roller blind down. I also found out it’s way easier to clean this way!


Wall Two

Here you can see my bed too, since that’s positioned to this wall. I used to have shelves up this grey wall, but one fell off a while back and so I decided to take them both off. It fell off because of the plants I put up there, you can see what it used to look like here. Now, I wanted to cover the holes in the wall and put something fun up and so I have the two photo frames hanging there now. I found those at a secondhand store.

The bed is also secondhand, from my boyfriend’s uncle. On the side of the bed there is a tiny alarm, I try to use it so that I don’t allow my phone in my bedroom. To make sure that the first or last thing I see is not my phone. There’s one more thing up my wall, a poster. It’s a gift from my boyfriend’s mother and it’s about reusing things, I really love it.

room tour - part 1

Wall Three

There’s basically nothing on this picture. A mirror on the wall and two doors. A mirror is definitely something I need in my room (even though this one is not my style anymore). There’s a rug on the floor which you can partly see, which is also secondhand from a thrift shop. The left door you see is however, a closet! And there are some things in there and so I would like to show that.

The floor is empty, above that there’s my skiing stuff (I still don’t know if I should keep that or not since I barely ski but am probably going to next year), underwear in the basket, gardening stuff including my mushroom kit, two puzzles which I borrowed from my grandparents, on top some decoration from my dad 50th birthday which I got secondhand but still don’t know what to do with, a suit which I can’t seem to resell and on top a blanket and two pillows.

The pillows I have taken out after I took this picture and I will put them with the items that need to go to the thrift shop. I think the suit will go to the clothing bank, but I am just not ready for that yet since I got it from my mom. Besides those things, everything serves a purpose and it’s quite empty.

Wall Four

This wall is extremely boring. There’s a decoration piece up there which I once bought at the thrift shop. Also, there is a mirror which I received after a family member passed away and so it’s secondhand as well. I love that mirror.

room tour - part 1

That’s it for the room tour – part 1. All in all, as I said very minimalistic. But I love the peace! I go to my bedroom to chill or sleep and so the less distractions the better. The style could be more my taste but for now I feel very lucky with what I have.

This was my room tour – part 1. See you next week for part 2! 

Yours sincerely,

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