Room tour – part 2

It’s time for room tour part 2! Last week I shared part 1 of my room tour – the more minimalistic bedroom I have. You can read there why I have two bedrooms and so why this tour has two parts. Today I am sharing part 2, which is where I spend the most time. There are way more items in this room and I’d say it’s not minimalistic but more messy. But it’s reality! And to make this blog more personal, I am sharing this today. Non-edited, real. Here’s my room tour – part 2.


Yes, to me, my room is messy at the moment. I have a lot of stuff lying around which should not be in my bedroom. But you know, life is not perfect. Especially now, while I can’t do much about it because of the corona virus. As I mentioned in part 1, there’s food in my bedroom, you can there why that is so. A lot of that packaging is big because I also have some things which are leftovers from my webshop that I have closed. Big packs of rice for example. Also, there are some things my parents won’t allow me to get rid of. It’s not my house and so not always my rules. But you’ll see about that soon, let’s get to the pictures! Here’s my room tour – part 2.

Wall One

This is my bed, pretty simple. I have an extra pillow for when I watch Netflix or anything in my bed (which is quite often haha) to sit up and make it comfy. Next to the bed there’s a nightstand. The lower drawer is empty (which makes me very happy!) and the upper one is filled with some personal things. The pill, a reusable handkerchief and tooth picks for example. On top of the nightstand there are some plants which is absolutely love and a basket where I keep most of my small jewelry. I have a lot of fake jewelry left from the times when I was a shopping addict, I try to use all of it up.

On the wall there is a piece of art which my mom made. That’s one reason why I love it, but I also love the earthy colors. This item is secondhand and the jewelry basket is as well. Those two items are my style, all the rest is new from my pre-sustainable days and not really my style anymore but I use what I have.

Room tour - part 2


Wall Two

Let’s start on the right side, since there’s a lot to discuss. I have a secondhand butterfly painting hanging up my wall. Next to it is my desk with a lot of things on it at the moment. On the far right on my desk is a paper holder (I really don’t know how to call this thing?). It’s new and I’ve had it for ages, just like my desk. In the lower drawer of this thing there is paper which I got secondhand from my grandpa (he did not need it any longer) which I will use as a notebook during my master. On the second drawer there are all the puzzle books I’ve accumulated over the years. When my dad and I used to go on a holiday he used to buy one for me. I saved them and intend to finish them before buying any new ones.

On the top drawers are things that I want to reuse. Envelopes, post cards and photo’s for example. In the middle of my desk there’re jars with food, I’ve explained in room tour part 1 why I keep food in my room. Next to that are all my books which I’ve lended from the library. These are not mine. I usually have one book, but since I was at the library before the lockdown which was announced, I got about six to get through this period. On my desk is also my laptop.

And currently, on the left bottom you see a magazine and an alarm. These are my ‘to-do’ things. I got both items secondhand from my boyfriends’s parents. My alarm broke and his mom wanted to get rid of one and so I got this alarm. I will use the magazine for a vegan recipe which I want to cook this weekend. The clothes on the chair are the clothes I am going to wear tomorrow. I try to keep the drawers of my desk as empty as I can, but all have something in it currently.

Drawer 1 is filled with food. Drawer 2 is my junk drawer (yes, as a minimalist I have a junk drawer). Drawers 3 and 4 are filled with craft supplies which I have accumulated over the years and wrapping paper which I received myself and intend to reuse. Drawer 5 is filled with some paperwork which I have to save, but it’s fairly empty. On far left of the wall there’s a built-in closet. There are some shelves in it and a cabinet. I will explain shelve by shelve, starting at the top one. At the top shelve there is a tv. I don’t want a tv in my room since it distracts me when I want to sleep. My parents wanted me to keep it and so it’s dismanteled and lying there. I don’t consider it mine.

Next to the tv there’s a box in which I keep my electronic cables. On the second shelve are clothes I want to get rid of bags (which I wrote this blogpost about), but I haven’t managed to get rid of them due to the coronavirus. I also have two bags lying there, the two I use. On the third shelve I also have clothes I want to get rid of. This however, I haven’t written a blogpost about or made a video of. And so, it’s piling up until I have enough to get rid of all at once. There are also some other items there which I wanted to get rid of, like a pillow. These shelves will be fairly empty as soon as I can bring all the stuff to a secondhand shop.

room tour - part 2

room tour

Wall Three

This is where you come into my room, through the door on the left. Next comes a tiny closet, one for shoes. I keep 4 pairs of shoes in there (the rest in my closet). On that little white closet there is food. I explained the food story in room tour – part 1. Then we have my closet! This is where I keep all my clothes. I do not use the entire thing for clothes. The shelve on the left top is for my kitchen utensils, just like with the food, there is not enough room is the kitchen and so it’s all stored in my room.

There is also a shelve with my cosmetics and make-up. There is not enough room in the bathroom for this, but once I have a place of my own I’ll store this is the bathroom. The left bottom drawer is filled bedding for entire house, it’s not just for my bed. The drawer on the right bottom is filled with other shoes I own. The pink basket thingy on one of my shelves I use for hair ties and my comb. I think that one is going out the door soon. Then next to the wall on the right is a heater, where a towel is hanging.

Room tour - part 2

Wall Four

Well, this is not really a wall. It’s mostly a window with a balcony. On the right above my bed there is a sort of hatstand where I hang my jewelry, ribbons and hats. I’t’s all fake, and most of it I still own from my pre-sustainable days. I decluttered it a while ago and what’s still hanging is what I use right now. If something breaks, I don’t buy anything in return. And, last but not least, is the rug on the floor.


That was my room tour – part 2! It’s very minimalistic if I compare it to a few years ago. Yet, I think the coming months it will become even more empty. And after that, I am going to move to Amsterdam (if everything goes well)! Once I settle there, I’ll post a new room tour! For now, this is it!

What did you think of this room tour – part 2?

Yours sincerely,

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