Secondhand Clothing App: Vinted

Platform for buying and selling secondhand clothes Vinted

I hope you’ve noticed: I avoid buying new stuff and clothes. That’s because buying secondhand is the most sustainable option. Whenever I need something I usually buy it secondhand (or I lend it). Besides that it’s sustainable because there’s no new production, it also saves a lot of waste. That’s because you’re basically buying someone else’s waste. Today I want to share an app which is great for buying and selling secondhand clothing: Vinted.

Benefits of Secondhand

Also, why would we produce anything new where there is so much already lying around on our planet? We should use that up before we make something new. But there are even more benefits to buying secondhand. It saves you money too! If I buy something secondhand, prices vary. But sometimes it is so cheap that I can’t believe it. It’s at least 50% cheaper than buying new clothing. Also, secondhand clothing is usually more unique. Fast fashion brands create beautiful clothing, but most people wear those same clothes. They follow the trend. If I shop secondhand, I get asked a lot where I bought that ‘new’ piece of clothing. That just shows: it isn’t boring but unique!

Knowing Where to Shop

The thing with secondhand clothing is that you have to know where to buy it. I hear a lot of people complain about secondhand clothing, saying that it looks and smells dirty. That means you’re just looking in the wrong places. I have been to thrift shops where I wouldn’t buy anything either. If that’s your first impression I can understand this negative attitude towards secondhand clothing. So the key is to know where to go. Look for different shops in your local town. Don’t stop if the first (or second, or third) shop doesn’t live up to your expectations. Good stores are out there, you just need to find them.


That’s where Vinted comes in. It’s a gigantic app where you can easily buy secondhand clothes. There used to be another platform, UnitedWardrobe, but they merged together. I used to always love UnitedWardrobe, so that was a good starting point for Vinted. Vinted is the place to be when you’re buying secondhand. There is so much to find, you’ll always find what you’re looking for (I usually do!). This is also easier than a physical shop where you really have to go through every item. Online you can just search for what you want and scroll through the options! It’s completely safe too, because the seller only receives the money if you have confirmed that you have received the item you bought. Scam proof!

I have only had good experiences so far. Below you can see my latest purchase: a simple hat! But be aware: some sellers sell new items. That’s why I personally always ask if it’s secondhand or why they’re getting rid of it. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes people use the app as a shop to sell new clothes and that’s not what I’m looking for (it’s a bug Vinted should fix in my opinion). What I find beautiful is that Vinted is for everybody, not just woman. My boyfriend for example uses it too and he loves it. And Vinted works both ways, you can also sell items you want to rid of. That is something I do a lot and I’ve earned some good money already.

If you want to see more secondhand purchases of mine: check out this, this or this post.

Do you use the secondhand clothing app Vinted?


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