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It’s been over 4 months that I last wrote about my secondhand clothing purchases. Ideally, I would write about once or twice a year about all the secondhand clothing items I bought in a certain year. However, I am not there yet. I am still building my ideal capsule wardobe and I’m still making mistakes and learning along the way. That’s why I am back today with some more secondhand clothing inspiration!

My Progress

In this post I’ll share 10 clothing items I bought in the past months since I am a little behind on my list. Therefore, the first item on this list is one I bought in September 2021, some time ago. But what I do notice with my purchases is that I tend to only buy things I need. I only go shopping anymore when I am specifically looking for something. I first decide that I need it, then I buy it secondhand. No more shopping for fun. This way the number of items I buy are going down and that’s a good thing! So, here’s some secondhand clothing inspiration.

1 Denim Skinny Jeans | September 2021

When I bought this denim skinny jeans, I really needed it because I did not have a single denim skinny jeans in my closet. I decided I want to own two denim skinny jeans in my capsule wardrobe, because I wear them so often. This skinny jeans I bought at Appel & Ei in Enschede for 15 euros, a secondhand clothing shop. It fits me great and I love the color. However, three days after I bought it I fell from my bike and ripped the jeans (and my knee unfortunately). But I don’t get rid of clothing just like that. My mom repaired the jeans and I still wear it! 

2 Pink Handball Shoes | September 2021

In September 2021 I started playing handball again. When I started I used the handball shoes that I already had, but they were really worn off. I think I’ve had them for about 8 years or so? Honestly, I don’t even remember, that’s how long it’s been. I decided it was time for another pair (and I got rid of the old pair in a responsible way). I searched for handball shoes on Vinted and found a terrific pair for just 4 euros. The person who bought them hadn’t worn them so they were in great shape! I hope this pair will last me another 8 years or so. This purchase shows you can find almost anything secondhand. That’s what I want to show with this secondhand clothing inspiration post as well.

3 Grey Jogging Pants | September 2021

When I was about 12 or 13 years old I bought a jogging pants at Primark. Right now, I don’t buy fast fashion anymore. In 2021 the pants was completely worn out. Therefore it was time to buy another pants and replace the old one. My boyfriend Casper suggested a specific brand (which doesn’t show btw) which I searched for on Vinted. I found several offerings and I bought this pants for 2,50 euros and I am very happy with it. I got rid of the old jogging pants in a responsible way. 

4 Pink Bucket Head | October 2021

I really like bucket heads and I had been wanting one myself. I really like wearing things on my head because it really adds onto your outfit but you never have to do your hair. This pink bucket head I bought at Zipper in Amsterdam for 12,50 euros. It’s dead stock, meaning that’s it’s leftover stock from a regular store, which the Zipper buys to prevent the original brand from getting rid of it. There is however one downside, it’s a size L. I thought that would not matter, but when it’s windy or when I bend over the bucket head falls off. When I find a secondhand buckethead I like just as much as this one I will sell this one again and buy that one. But the buckethead in general is a keeper. 

5 Gymshark Running Pants | October 2021

One year ago I would have never guessed this: I enjoy running and do it twice a week. I started running in September 2021 and I started loving it. But I did not have the right pants for it. I had an old yoga pants which I only use as a pyjama and a jogging pants which, as you can see above, I bought in September too. Both are not really suitable for running, because I prefer a really tight pants which stays in place. A friend of me recommended Gymshark. Even though I try to avoid wearing clothes with brand showing, I did buy this pants. And I did not regret it because I love it. The Gymshark pants cost me 25 euros and I bought it via Vinted. Vinted is great if you know what you’re looking for. 

6 Denim Skinny Jeans | October 2021

As I said before, in September 2021 I had no denim skinny jeans. A few months earlier I had bought one, but I felt like I needed another one. I bought a denim skinny jeans for 3 euros via Vinted. My mom had a pants which I really liked and so I searched for the same brand on Vinted (the brand does not show very obvious btw). I found several and bought one. Now I have two denim skinny jeans, just like I wanted. They go with every outfit and I love them both. 

7 Grey Running Shirt | December 2021

As I mentioned, I started running in September 2021. Since the weather was getting colder I started wearing sweaters during my runs. However, I do need something to go under the sweater, otherwise it feels nasty. I only had t-shirts to wear underneath the sweater but that felt nasty too, since my arms would directly touch the sweater. And so, I chose to buy an actual running shirt. I searched for one on Vinted and found a terrific one for just 1,80 euros. I have worn the shirt a lot already, at least every week.

8 Rain Suit | January 2022

Ever since I moved to Amsterdam I felt like the weather was way worse there than in my previous hometown Groningen. It rains so often here and I think it has to do with the fact that Amsterdam lies close to sea. Anyway, one day I arrived at school so completely soaked that I was done. I decided I really needed a rain suit. I searched for it on Vinted and found a great suit for 5 euros. It’s been a great asset so far and I would not ever go without it anymore. 

9 Pink Running Shirt | January 2022

The grey running shirt I bought in December worked so well for me that I decided I needed another once. Since I run twice a week I figured I needed two running shirts. In spring and summer I can wear just the running shirts and in autumn and winter I wear the running shirts with a sweater over it. I bought this pink running shirt for 1,50 on Vinted. It is a little bit tighter than the grey one so I need to see whether I like it on the long run. If not, I will sell this one again and buy another secondhand running shirt in a bigger size. But two running shirts are something I definitely need and something you can buy secondhand very easily.

10 Blue Running Shoes | January 2022

Last but not least are another thing I bought for my running activities, being the fourth thing on this list I bought for that and the 6th thing I bought for sports in general. I did not actually buy these shoes myself, but my boyfriend gifted them to me. However, he knows I only do secondhand clothing so he bought these for me on Vinted for 30 euros. I didn’t really know I missed these shoes until I got them. They make me run so much lighter and I would never go without running shoes anymore. Before I had these I used my old handball shoes to run but that was not too good for my knees.


6 out of 10 items on this list are something I need for sports. In September 2021 I really stepped up my game when it comes to sports and that’s something I want to continue for the rest of my life. So all these things were necessary. The rain suit and denim skinny jeans were also things I needed so only the buckethead was not entirely necessary. Therefore, 9 out of 10 things were things I really needed and only 2 of them I might replace (for a bigger and smaller size so the item itself is a success). This is also reflected by the amount of things I bought via Vinted, because I search for very specific things on Vinted.   I am happy with all the things I bought. 

So, there you have it, secondhand clothing inspiration! As you can tell, we can buy almost anything secondhand. Want to know why I buy only secondhand clothing? You read all about that in this post. And in this post I wrote whether I think secondhand clothing is the solution to the fast fashion crisis. 

Do you buy secondhand clothing? And what did you think of this secondhand clothing inspiration post?

Yours sincerely,

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