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It’s been only a month since I shared a blogpost with the secondhand clothing I have bought the past months/year. I am sharing one again today because I’m behind a lot. But after this, I’m back on track. My goal is to share these posts once a year. I am not there yet, but maybe next year. For now, here I am with some new secondhand clothing inspiration. I’ll share 10 secondhand items I bought recently.


Even though I feel like I still buy too much secondhand clothing, I do feel content with what I buy. An example, last time I shared secondhand clothing inspiration (in June 2022), 6 out of 10 items were items I needed for sports, since I started doing sports six times a week (and I still do). I only go shopping when I need things and I am very content with that. And what I don’t share is the things I get rid of. For almost every item I buy, I get rid of something else because it’s either broken or because I don’t want to increase the number of items I have. All in all, I’m doing very good, but not excellent yet. Anyway, here are 10 items I bought the past months:

1 Purple Turle Neck Sweater | January 2022

I have to be honest here, this was actually not per se something I needed. When I walked past the secondhand store Appel en Ei in Groningen and went inside just to take a look. I promised myself to stop doing that and only shop when I need something. Well, I am not perfect haha. This purple sweater is amazing, purple necks are something I wear a lot. I had already a shirt like this in grey in my wardrobe, but when I bought this purple one I got rid of the grey one. This one is better because I like a bit more color in my life. I bought this sweater for 8 euros.

2 Orange Short Jacket | January 2022

This jacket I bought on that same shopping spree at Appel en Ei in Groningen. I did not need this item per se, but so far I have worn it a lot already. It’s great for over a t-shirt. When the weather is not warm enough for a t-shirt, but too warm for a sweater. Layers in my outfits work really well for me. I did not get rid of anything in return for this jacket, since I do not have any items that are similar or nearly similar. This jacket cost me 10 euros and it really lightens my wardrobe with the cheerful color.

3 Pink Suit | February 2022

This is an item I have been looking for years, literally. Ever since 2016 I have wanted a suit in a cheerful color, instead of black or blue. When I went into a thrift shop in Alkmaar called Leger Des Heils I found this beauty. A complete suit in very good shape and a nice color. I had never found anything alike. However, it did not suit me great, the pants was too big. But! I still bought it because it was such a rare find. It cost only 17 euros. My mom has been able to alter the suit and now it fits me perfectly. I hope this suit will last me years and years.

4 White Dress | February 2022

In that same store in Alkmaar, at the secondhand store Leger Des Heils I also bought this white dress. It was a little expensive in my opinion, 15 euros, but I still brought it home with me. I have enough dresses for warm weather. However, this dress has long sleeves and I don’t have that yet. It’s perfect for the Dutch weather, because it’s not warm enough for summer dresses most of the year. With this slightly warmer dress I can wear this on those colder days. In this picture I wear it with a belt because it’s a little big for me, but I love it without the belt too.

5 Denim Jeans | February 2022

Another slip-up. In the last post with secondhand clothing inspiration I shared that I bought two denim jeans. I also shared that two is enough for me and that I always want two denim jeans in my wardrobe, not more, not less. Still I bought this jeans at the thrift shop Leger Des Heils in Alkmaar. It fit me perfectly and was only 4,50 euros. Now I have three denim jeans, so when one breaks I will not buy another one. This time I broke my own rule but this jeans was kind of worth it. I have worn it more than the other two denim jeans I bought. I love this one.

6 Purple Winter Hat | February 2022

The fourth item I bought in Alkmaar at Leger Des Heils, a winter hat. This is again something I wanted. I did not like the yellow winter hat I had anymore (you can see which one it is in this post). It fit amazing with the winter coat I had, but I got rid of that coat (in a responsible way, like I do with all my items), since I had two winter coats and I felt like I did not need that. That yellow hat did not go well with the winter coat I now still have. Therefore I bought this purple one which I really like, to get rid of the old one. This secondhand winter hat cost me 2 euros.

7 Blue Headband | April 2022

In April, a flatmate of mine was moving out. She found another place to live in Amsterdam. When she left, she first put a box full of stuff she didn’t want anymore in our living room. All the other flatmates were free to go through it to see if they wanted anything from it, so it wouldn’t go to landfill. From that box I picked this blue headband. I find it really cute and it was free, that’s a great plus. I like head bands because it adds something to your outfit without you having to do any difficult hairdos. This is now the third headband that I own.

8 Black Backpack | April 2022

In that same box where I found the blue headband there was also a black backpack. It was still new, because she has two of those. Another flatmate and I both wanted it. So, we flipped a coin. I won haha. This backpack was much better than the one I already had (which was secondhand too and slowly breaking). It has a separate place for my water bottle and laptop and it is rainproof. I have used it almost every day ever since. I sincerely think this thing will last me a lifetime. And it was free!

9 Slippers | May 2022

At Uilenstede, the student flat where I live, I have my own room and bathroom and a shared living room and hallway. I usually wear socks or bare feet in my own room, but the hallway and living room and not suitable for that, so to say. In winter, I used to wear my crocks there, I could just step into those very easily and wear socks or bare feet in them. However, they have a warm layer inside and are way too warm for spring and summer. And so, I bought some slippers for the same purpose, which are not that warm. I bought these amazing slippers on Vinted for just 2,50 euros. I wear them every day at home.

10 Green Hair Clip | May 2022

This is something I really wanted since my last hair clip broke. It’s just something that’s very convenient to have. If I don’t want to do my hair, I just wear this hair clip. It goes with any outfit and it’s really easy. When I was looking for a hair clip, I was surprised that I found so many of them on Vinted. I bought this cute green one for just 2,50 euros. I find this proof that you can buy literally anything on Vinted. You just need to know what you’re looking for.

That’s it

That’s it for today! These were again 10 items that I recently bought secondhand. Want to know why I buy only secondhand clothing? Read this and this post. Buying secondhand is just the most sustainable option we have, I’m buying someone else’s trash and no new resources are needed. With this post I hope to have provided you with some secondhand clothing inspiration and to have inspired you to choose secondhand clothing over new clothing more often.

What did you think of this secondhand clothing inspiration?

Yours sincerely,

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