Secondhand Clothing Inspiration

Secondhand Clothing Inspiration

It’s been only 3 months since I last wrote a secondhand clothing inspiration post. In October I shared 6 new secondhand items I had bought. This feels very strange for me now that I am writing this since I aim to buy very little. I guess it’s time to count all my clothing items soon, to know where I stand. But that’s something for next time. Today I am sharing secondhand clothing inspiration with you. 5 items, all secondhand, all great!

Secondhand Clothing

My aim of these posts is to show you how much fun secondhand clothing is. In an ideal clothing system we buy secondhand clothing first to make use of existing resources and therefore do not need new resources. If that’s not available, then we buy ethical and sustainable clothing items which can last us a lifetime. We preferably buy very little (which is something I am still working on, as you might notice), without brands showing. So the start is secondhand, to use what we already have. Today I am sharing some secondhand clothing inspiration with you to show you what’s out there!

Blue Summer Dress – June 2021

I already bought this dress in June, but I didn’t have the opportunity to share it here yet. It was at GoudGoed in Groningen for 9 euros I think (not entirely sure). I try to really diversify in the models of my clothing. All summer dresses I own are short dresses. I thought this would be a fun addition to the collection. In the meantime I did get rid of another dress I had since the weather in The Netherlands is not good enough to own a lot of summer dresses. The material is cotton so that makes this dress really comfortable.

Tiger Print Shorts – June 2021

The blue dress is not the only purchase I made that day at GoudGoed in Groningen. I also bought this shorts for 4 euros. It’s also made out of cotton and it’s very loose which makes it very comfortable. I have worn this shorts a lot already on my holidays. The fact that it has a tiger print and red on the side makes it very appealing to me, but that does make it a little hard to match with shirts. I usually wear this shorts with a black t-shirt.

Denim Shorts – June 2021

This is the last item I bought at GoudGoed in Groningen that day, for 5 euros. I liked the shorts because of the little detail on the bottom. It basically matches with anything. Denim is usually quite comfortable in my opinion but my weight has changed quite a bit the past year due to COVID-19. I will have to see whether this shorts will still fit me in the summer of 2022 and otherwise I will have to get rid of it again. I adjust my clothes to my weight and not my weight to my clothing.

Grey T-Shirt – September 2021

3 months later, I bought 2 items at Tante Cor in Enschede. One of them is this grey cotton t-shirt which I bought for 7 euros. It’s a little different than the style I usually go for but that’s what I liked about it. I like to diversify in models and styles, because I think that I should just wear what I like and not what ‘fits me’ in terms of what I usually go for. I love the details which make it a little different and the fact that it’s cotton, no heavy sweating for me!

Denim Jeans with Holes – September 2021

This is a perfect example of me not following style or trends. When I was in a cafĂ© the other day, I even had one man telling me that it was out of fashion. That’s rude, but I don’t care. Loving what I wear is important to me, I don’t wear what people tell me I should wear. I also bought this jeans at Tante Cor in Enschede for 10 euros. I just really love the ‘mom-jeans’ look with holes, even though it was the trend years ago. This pants is unfortunately not fit for all year, in winter it’s a little too cold haha. But I have worn it a lot already and I’m sure I will keep doing so!


All these items were a succes! None of them are made out of plastic, which is always a challenge for me personally. Plastic clothing is harmful and makes me sweat a lot. I also managed to buy clothing without the brands showing, since I don’t want to be a walking billboard. Furthermore, I am proud because I ignored trends and found clothing that is fashionable but comfortable too.

That’s it for this time! Do you wear secondhand clothing?

Yours sincerely,

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