Series and book: Hoe word je 100?

Series and book: Hoe word je 100?

Food and water are the two most important things we need in life. Without any of these we die, simple is that. A person has to eat. But what should a person eat? It’s a subject which raises a lot discussion. There is a lot to choose when you’re putting together your diet. The amount of pesticides it takes to produce it, the amount of CO2 emissions it takes, the amount of water it takes. But a part of your health is also determined by food. And that’s why I want to share the series and book ‘Hoe word je 100?’ (‘How do you turn 100?’) today.


The amount of pesticides and CO2 that are produced during the production of food is something else, something for later. But a healthy diet for longevity, that is very important too. Sometimes even the most important thing you have, a healthy diet can prevent sickness. The series and book I’m sharing today are about that side of food, longevity and a healthy diet. But I am no professional dietician, so I do want to place a small disclaimer here. I am not claiming this book is the ultimate guide to a healthy diet or health at all (sometimes your health is not a matter of a healthy lifestyle at all anyway). But, I do share this book because I think we should all have different sources on what’s healthy food, besides the news.

‘Hoe word ik 100?’

The series and book are about longevity and a healthy diet. The series shares personal stories. 6 individuals are followed for a certain period while they change their diet and lifestyle. All 6 of them want to do this to get off their medication or just to live healthier. In the series they learn what food and what behavior is considered healthy by dietitians and what’s not. The book is an addition to that. It consists of mostly research and facts, this supports the series really. The message is basically the same in the book and the series but the combination of it is best if you ask me. You read the information in the book and then see how people apply this in the series.

Series and book: hoe word je 100?

Lack of Knowledge

I’m sharing this today because many people are unaware that some sicknesses can be prevented by a healthy diet and lifestyle. They take medicines and never think twice about it. But there are diseases where the sickness can be reversed by a healthy lifestyle, like with Diabetes type 2 or certain heart diseases. A while ago I also wrote about The Blue Zones and my message is similar. We are deceived by commercials, 0% fat, 0% sugar and all that. And since we don’t really learn the basics of a healthy diet and lifestyle in school I think it’s important to educate yourself.

The series is an example of people just not knowing how to eat and live healthy. That is the reasons why they’re sick, they just don’t know. That makes me sad and it has to change. That’s why I share my knowledge. Because I think this book and series are great resources for information, but also in a fun way. I think that we’d all be happier if we can reverse or prevent certain diseases.

I would love to turn 100 one day. But I do want to reach it with a certain level of health. I want longevity and so I’m doing what I can to learn more about this.

Have you seen and read the series and book: hoe word je 100?

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