Series: Het Succes van de Kringloopwinkel

Series about thrift shops: Het Succes van de Kringloopwinkel

Today I have a must watch in the form of a series. I love series! If you read my weekly diaries you know that I follow a lot of them. Narcos, The Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy, Are You the One? to name a few. I love stories, but I also love series that are informative too. So when these two come together it is the ultimate must watch. And so today I am sharing with you: Het Succes van de Kringloopwinkel (The Succes of the Thrift Shop), a Dutch series.

Het Succes van de Kringloopwinkel

This series has been broadcasted on Dutch television a while ago, on VPRO (surprise, #not, I share a lot from VPRO). As the name says: this series is about thrift shops and the people who run them. The series tells the personal stories of the employees but also from the visitors. These stories are beautiful! In the introduction from the series they mention that these thrift shops are besides an environmental succes also a social succes.

People who are in some way disabled or people rehabilitating from addiction can work there, to name a few examples. At the thrift shops these people find their place and share their story. Someone who I found really inspiring was Gerda. Gerda used to be teacher but then she fell into a depression. The thrift shop helped her rehabilitate and she found joy again! Now she’s been decorating the fashion department, which she loves doing.

I love Thrift Shops

I loved the series! And a part of that also comes from the fact that I visit thrift shops often myself. Thrift shops and secondhand stores are sustainable and therefore fit into my lifestyle. No need for new stuff, no new resources. You’re basically using someone else’s trash when you buy something thrifted. The way they treat all the stuff that comes into the thrift shop is so beautiful. You see how the people working there really try to reuse every single thing. I know which treasures can be hiding in thrift shops when it comes to stuff. But to see the social side in the series was new to me. It is great to see what an impact such a place can have!

The Episodes

The series consists of (unfortunately only) 5 episode.
– Episode 1 is mostly about the people who work in some of the thrift shops in the Netherlands. You get to know these people and they tell their own story.
– Episode 2 is about the stuff inside the thrift shop. About what the stuff means for the people buying it and all the things that you can find there.
– Episode 3 is about treasure hunting. Sometimes there are true (expensive) treasures found at the thrift shops. The series show the highlights.
– Episode 4 tells the story of consumerism. Why thrift shops are so full these days and how people love having too much stuff and what effects that has on ourselves.
– Episode 5 is about change. What sort of change happens at the thrift shops and what it means for the people working there.

Missing the People

As I said, I loved this series, especially the personal stories. And so I am quite sad now that it’s over. Somehow you get attached to the people in the series. Once it’s done I still want to know how they’re doing. And I also want more stories! Let’s hope they someday the makers decide to make a new season haha! But for now, have fun watching! You can watch the show via VPRO.

Have you seen the series: Het Succes van de Kringloopwinkel?

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