Series: Our Planet

Series: Our Planet

In contradiction to last week’s post, it’s time for something positive again. Well, maybe positive isn’t the right word, but beautiful is. It’s time for something beautiful. Because gosh, I’ve waited too long to share this documentary with you (don’t I say that every time?). This series came out on Netflix in April 2019. I’ve binge watched it as soon as it came out and I know a lot of people around me have too. I’m talking about the Netflix documentary series Our Planet.

Our Planet

Our Planet is new documentary series narrated by David Attenborough. I’ve always loved the documentaries he narrated. The series now has one season (who knows there are more to come) with eight episodes. The eight episodes show you eight different landscapes and the beauty of it. There’s an episode about forests for example, but also one about the grasslands. You know David Attenborough from all kinds of nature documentaries. This one is similar, but with a slight difference in the message. It’s focused on climate change. And so, the documentary makers want to show us what’s at stake. Because there is a lot at stake. And this is what makes the documentary different: it talks about our impact. When the ice caps are shown, the story about climate change is shown too. When the forests are shown, deforestation is shown too.

My opinion about Our Planet

As I said, I’ve binge watched this series. But as I find all documentaries about planet earth fascinating and beautiful, this is definitely my number one. I think it’s because of the progress of technology over the years. The footage is just surreal and so beautiful. At some point it felt like things were fake, that’s how beautiful they looked! And I also love this one in particular because it sheds a light on us humans as well. We harm the planet, climate change, deforestation, you name it. And so, it’s good that it makes you reflect your behavior.

At the end of each episode there’s a link which refers you to the website from Our Planet. There you can see what you can do to help our planet. This is something which I would have loved to see different since it’s a big step to go to the website. I feel like they should have included the personal steps in the footage. But, you know, that’s me. I just hope people go to the website.

“Surely we have a responsibility to care for our planet. The future of humanity and indeed all life on earth, now depends on us.” – David Attenborough

What can be learned from Our Planet

What’s there for you to do then? The first step which is stated on the website is

1 A plant-based diet

I’ve discussed a plant-based diet a lot on this blog already, but I am planning to do that even more. You can prevent so much negative impact when you switch to a plant-based diet. The main reason for Our Planet to mention it is deforestation. Large contributors to deforestation are cattle grazing land and cropland to feed the cattle.

2 Buy certified wood and paper

I think this is a very important one too. But certified wood and paper with an acknowledges certificate. But here I want to state that you can think ahead. Buy recycled and secondhand. That is an even better option! With recycled and secondhand you prevent the cutting down of the trees is the first place, so that’s the best option.

There are more steps, but I just wanted to show you the most important two in my opinion. I want to emphasize that now is not the time to feel hopeless. It’s time to act. And we can’t wait for governments to change things, it’ll be too late by then. We should take our own responsibility. But before we take action, we have to see what’s at stake here. And so, enjoy watching Our Planet!

Have you seen the series: Our Planet?

Yours sincerely,

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