Series: Rot op met je milieu!

series: rot op met je milieu!

Today I am sharing a must watch in the form of a series. A series of four episodes which can be watched on NPO2. I am talking about: Rot op met je milieu! A great series that shows different opinions about sustainability and how we need to deal with those differences. Today I am sharing the series Rot op met je milieu! with you. The series is unfortunately only available in Dutch. But since I am Dutch, I have decided to still share it.

Rot op met je Milieu!

The idea of the series is quite simple. Six different people with different views about sustainability are put together in a house for two weeks. And with different views I mean really different views. We have for example Donny, who thinks people that are concerned about sustainability are a thread to society (thanks, Donny). But we also have Anne Fleur, the vegan sustainability activist. As you might expect, tensions and discussions are inevitable.

The House

To not just be in the house they go out every once in a while for a special assignment or trip. But the house itself has rules too. Consequently, they have to see it as the earth. Nothing leaves the house. They have to keep all their trash and since CO2 is not visible they will receive that in the form of balloons and keep it inside of the house. They even have to keep their wastewater in a special tank. This gives an extra dimension to the story. An example is that on the first day they throw a party and choose to buy disposable cutlery. They will face those consequences later!

The Episodes

As I said, the attendants don’t just stay inside the house. Every day they go on a trip in groups. The trips are supposed to give them insights on sustainability. Here are the subjects of the different episodes:

  1. In this first episode you get the know the 6 attendants and they go on a trip to pick up trash as garbage collectors.
  2. Food Waste. In this episode the attendants learn more about dumpster diving and learn to cook with leftovers in a restaurant.
  3. Feces, ew! The attendants are going into the sewage system. They’re also visiting a pig farm (I personally found that part really harsh) and learn more about pee!
  4. Plastic. In this episode they’re going out with a person who ‘hunts’ trash (as this person calls it), they’ll see how much plastic is collected out of the ocean every day and they’ll investigate animals to see how much plastic they have inside them.

My Opinion

I think this series is a must watch, that’s why I’m sharing it today. It makes you look at different subjects when it comes to sustainability. You see how they really affect all of us. I learned a lot about dog poop in one of the episode, haha! I think I identify most with Anne Fleur, but I also find it useful to see all the different opinions these other people have. This way the conversation about sustainability will be more accessible and that’s important because we need solutions and we need to do better!

Have you seen the series Rot op met je milieu! ?

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