Series: Sex Education

Show about diversity and taboos: Sex Education

This show isn’t exactly about diversity itself, more about subjects that are considered taboo. However, it’s not build to be informative. It has a narrative and in that way it is just like any other series on Netflix. But then again it isn’t alike others at all. This is a series that shows what a series is supposed to look like. The cast is so diverse and so are the characters. The story is diverse and the entire show is just amazing. I’m talking about the series: Sex Education on Netflix.

Sex Education

Sex Education is a series on Netflix and now that I’m writing this it consists of two seasons (and three is coming up!). The main character is Otis. Otis is an insecure teenager and his mom is a sex therapist. He finds his mother’s job embarrassing and tries to hide and ignore it at first. Otis himself isn’t so excited about sex at all at first. One day the bully of his class finds out about his mother’s profession and tells the whole school.

Only a few hours later that bully has a problem concerning sex himself and Otis eventually helps him together with a classmate Maeve by giving advice. Maeve is very excited about Otis giving advice and so she insists they start a Sex Therapy Clinic at school. Otis eventually decides to do it and there the series takes off. It basically is a series about teenagers who discover and struggle with their identity, sexual preferences and social relationships.


Sex Education is an example for all series because it shows the reality. Most series contain only white cis-gendered heterosexual people. Sex Education however does not, it is diverse. People of color have prominent roles (but the main character is white, I have to admit that). Queer people have prominent roles. People with disabilities have prominent roles. It’s just a more realistic showcase of society and school than other series if you’d ask me. Society does not only consist of white, heterosexual cis-gendered people. It is diverse.


So, the base is there. The characters and cast are diverse. That to me is the absolute minimum when recording a series. But I think the subject of the series adds another layer to that. This makes the series even better. The subject of the series as I said is basically about teenagers who discover and struggle with their identity, sexual preferences and social relationships. And with that being said, nothing was left out. It’s not just about the phenomenon ‘sex’ or ‘relationships’. Yes, it is about that but in such a diverse way. Things that are considered taboos in our society aren’t left out. To give you an insight on what type of subjects that are in the story lines: masturbation, the orgasm gap, gag reflexes, abortion, pornography, virginity, panic attacks, drag, self-harm, drugs, STD’s, shame, pansexuality, vaginismus, sexual assault and more and more and more!

Better and Safer Sex

Since most things concerning sex and relationships are still taboo in our society, I think this series is crucial. The things that are discussed in the series are things you might be able to be identify with. And that is so important when you are discovering yourself. Knowing that what you’re going through is normal and accepted. I think this series shows progress too! We can do so much better as a society by being more open, accepting and truly yourself. And be aware: the better the sex education, the later people start with actual sex. This way people are informed better, which then again causing them to have safer sex, to know how to set their boundaries and to have more fun doing it!

The series Sex Education is available on Netflix.

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