Series: Tidying up with Marie Kondo

Series: Tidying up with Marie Kondo

It does not happen a lot: me watching a full season of a show in just one day. But it did. I watched the entire season one a series recently! This show has it all for me, because the underlying message has a lot to do with minimalism and zero waste. Today I’ll tell you why I think you must watch it. Here’s more about the series: Tidying up with Marie Kondo.

Marie Kondo

One of my first must read’s was about her, Marie Kondo. I recommended her books back then, I love them. Marie Kondo is a tidying-queen. She has developed her own method to tidy up your house and your life, The Kon Marie Method. It is known worldwide. I’ve always loved tidying up, I’ve done it since I was a kid. Everywhere I went I wanted to tidy up. Tidying, not cleaning, that is a big difference which is essential here.

The Kon Marie Method

The Kon Marie Method is, as I said, a method to tidy up your house and your life. For me, it is something that really works. What I love so much about the method is that it is focussed on value. Just like minimalism, or intentionalism, as some people call it. It really let’s you think about your stuff first, before you tidy. Marie talks about ‘sparking joy’ a lot, when you hold onto stuff, it should spark joy for you. So, bottom line is that you really value the stuff you have. With that, you can already get rid of 80% of your stuff. And then, you tidy.

What I love about the method

Less stuff makes less clutter. And when you follow the method, it has some amazing rules. For example, every thing you own should have a home, a set place where it belongs. This way all your stuff has a place and you’ll never lose it. She has many of these rules, and that helps a lot! Once you get the clutter out of the way, you’ll get to focus on what’s really important. What I love about Marie as well is that she has no judgement. She doesn’t say which stuff you should get rid of or keep, you can choose that all yourself. Something could be useless to me, but spark joy for you. So, the method is very personal.

‘The best way to find out what we really need is to get rid of what we don’t.’ – Marie Kondo

The series

The series shows you how the Kon Marie Method works in real life. I had read the books, and it has a lot of pictures and a clear explanation. But, it so exciting to see how it works in an actual home! In Tidying Up with Marie Kondo you can see exactly how the proces goes in American families. I am addicted to watching other people tidy and seeing houses transform. Now, I do think that these families have a loooot of stuff. Extreme to me, really. Maybe that’s what makes it so much fun, the big difference in the end. Anyway, you should watch it!

You can watch the series Tidying up with Marie Kondo on Netflix.

Yours sincerely.

5 thoughts on “Series: Tidying up with Marie Kondo”

  1. Hihi, ik vind Marie zo grappig. Ondanks dat ik haar theorie al kende, heb ik toch nog best wat opgestoken van de serie. Inderdaad leuk om te zien hoe het in praktijk gebracht wordt. Omdat mijn vriend stiekem wat stukjes meekeek, kan ik nu grapjes maken dat hij de schaar na gebruik terug naar huis moet brengen, haha. Werkt ook nog 😉

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