Skin Cleanse by Adina Grigore

Skin Cleanse by Adina Grigore

Today I’m sharing a book about cosmetics with you. Huh, what? Yes, I am. I tell you all the time how we don’t need most of these cosmetics (at least, I don’t). But this is different. This book is about rĂ©al skincare and I’m very excited about it. And it also aligns with this philosophy of mine: less is more. I read Skin Cleanse by Adina Grigore.

Love at First Sight

When I go to the local library to lend a new book, I always check the section ‘just returned’. This is the section where the books are located which have been lended by someone else and have just been returned. I find it interesting to see what books are popular. That day Skin Cleanse by Adina Grigore was among those books. The title and especially the text on the back drew me to it. This book highlighted the need of good food, good sleep, enough water and more. There was no focus on cremes or sprays. I took the book with me.

Skin Cleanse

And I was pleasantly surprised! If I look back on all the things I shared so far: they are in the book. Grigore has the same values as me it seems, she just adds a great layer of expertise and tips to the book. A good skin starts with the inside she tells us. A healthy lifestyle is the key to a good skin. So the book starts with that, the base if you aks me, a healthy lifestyle. What habits can be make to support a good skin? Then she goes to the second part, the outside. Grigore is not against using any products at all. For the outside she uses the same rule I’ve applied: if it’s good for the inside, it’s good for the outside.

She makes all the products she does use in her own kitchen and I personally love that! She gives recipes for deodorant (which is quite similar to the one I’ve always used), scrubs and more. By making it yourself, you know what goes onto your skin. I’m not saying all products in the store are bad for you just because the ingredient list is long and confusing. I’m just saying that this way of making it yourself works best for me. What I also really loved about the book Skin Cleanse is that Grigore emphasizes that every skin is different. Therefore, we as individuals should experiment and find out what works best for our skin. Listening to your body, I can only support it.

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A Golden Solution?

If you’ve read all my posts so far you might think: a healthy lifestyle is the solution to everything it seems! And I have to admit: it isn’t, health is not always the direct cause of behavior (thinking so is a form of ableism). But it is a good base and starting point if you ask me. If we try applying this first, we rule out the first things. Then we can look further. I think we run to products and doctors too soon. This book tells you the base of a healthy lifestyle for your skin. Good food (of course not 100% of the time, it’s not like you can never snack again), good sleep, hydration and exercise.

Sustainable Book

This book supports a sustainable lifestyle. The less products bought from the store the better. And then it also aligns with a zero waste lifestyle since you can use the products you do use yourself. The book is unfortunately not vegan. So when Grigore tell you that honey and yoghurt are good for your skin I ignore it. Or I replace those items in the recipes. Besides that, this book is a must read!

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