Secondhand Clothing Inspiration

It’s been only a month since I shared a blogpost with the secondhand clothing I have bought the past months/year. I am sharing one again today because I’m behind a lot. But after this, I’m back on track. My goal is to share these posts once a year. I am not there yet, but maybe next year. For now, here I am with some new secondhand clothing inspiration. I’ll share 10 secondhand items I bought recently.

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Secondhand Clothing Inspiration

It’s been over 4 months that I last wrote about my secondhand clothing purchases. Ideally, I would write about once or twice a year about all the secondhand clothing items I bought in a certain year. However, I am not there yet. I am still building my ideal capsule wardobe and I’m still making mistakes and learning along the way. That’s why I am back today with some more secondhand clothing inspiration!

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5 Tips to Minimize Your Wardrobe

In September 2021 I moved to a student flat, where I have a closet which is smaller than what I was used to. It has about 10 hangers and 6 shelves. There I put everything, from my shoes to my summer and winter clothing. All the clothes I own. That in itself is a tip to minimize in your closet, just own a very tiny closet haha! Since I have limited space I got rid of even more clothing this past 7 months. There are some principles that I apply to minimize my closet. Today I’ll share them with you. Here are 5 tips to minimize your wardrobe.

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Secondhand Clothing Inspiration

It’s been only 3 months since I last wrote a secondhand clothing inspiration post. In October I shared 6 new secondhand items I had bought. This feels very strange for me now that I am writing this since I aim to buy very little. I guess it’s time to count all my clothing items soon, to know where I stand. But that’s something for next time. Today I am sharing secondhand clothing inspiration with you. 5 items, all secondhand, all great!

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6 Secondhand Clothing Items I Bought

It’s been a while since I shared my last secondhand clothing finds. 8 months to be precise. I wish I didn’t buy any clothing since then. I wish my wardrobe was perfect and that I don’t want anything else. Reality check, this is not the case (yet!). The past 8 months I did buy clothing again. But as you know me, I bought these items secondhand. Today I want to share these purchases with you. Let me show you the 6 secondhand clothing items that I bought the past months.

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Why I Avoid Wearing Clothing with Brands Showing

I’ve made the switch to secondhand clothing a long time ago. This means that the habit of buying (almost) no new clothing is quite easy for me. I know where to look and what to look for when it comes to secondhand clothing. The next step was not buying any plastic clothes anymore and that’s going quite well too. Now that I got this base I want to take the next step: I want to stop being a billboard for (especially) unsustainable brands. Here’s why I avoid wearing clothing with brands showing.

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The relationship between fast fashion and feminism

I think all people are secretly feminists. Feminists want equal rights for all genders. I mean, who doesn’t want equal rights for everybody? Some people think of something dirty when they hear the word feminist. I don’t understand this. And also, calling yourself a feminist is just the very beginning. It’s the first step and after that you can evolve your mindset and learn more. But feminism isn’t just about your values. It’s about actions too. Today I want to talk about feminism and it’s relationship to fast fashion.

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Finding ethical fashion: Good on You

As you might know by now, I avoid buying new clothes. It works 99% of the time, but there are is that 1% when it doesn’t work out. There are some things that need to be bought new. But if I do buy new, I buy ethical. If there is a sustainable and fair option, I choose that one. Sometimes there is no ethical option (yet), but those moments are rare. After years of experience into this journey, I now recognize greenwashing and know which brands to turn to when I buy new. However, when I was new to this subject, the fashion industry can be like a maze. That’s why I want to share a tool for finding ethical fashion: Good On You.

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3 Secondhand Clothing Items I Bought

Hi everyone! I know, it’s the midst of a pandemic and maybe not the best time to buy clothing, but I couldn’t resist. I bought 3 pieces of clothing and I’m loving them, I couldn’t wait to share. Of course I did buy secondhand, like I do in 99% of my purchases. Every once in a while I share my purchases to show you that a secondhand wardrobe is sustainable, but also fun and stylish! Here are 3 secondhand clothing items I bought the last couple of months.

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All the shoes I own as a minimalist

The past few months I’ve had the feeling of wanting to analyse my closet. I’ve gotten rid of a lot of items this year, one by one. And so, I want to see where I am today. Do I have double items or things I don’t wear? There is one specific category of clothes which I’ve made conscious choices about the past months: shoes. And so, before I analyse my closet I am going to analyse my shoes first in this post. How many shoes do I own and how do I evaluate on the things I have? Here are all the shoes I own as minimalist.

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