Sustainable and fair tights by Swedish Stockings

I bought tights! My last tights broke about 4 months ago I think, so it took me a long time. It took me long because I think more consciously about buying things now. Will this add value to my life? Will I wear it? That’s a good thing really. But, it also took me a long time because I sort of have a love/hate relationship with tights. So, here I am today talking about this relationship and what I did with it. Today I’ll tell you about sustainable and fair tights by Swedish Stockings.

Why I hate tights

All ladies struggle with tights I guess. You know, you wear them one time and then they break. Mostly while you’re at an event, birthday or something else important where you do not want your tights to break. But, they always do. Okay, so that’s reasons one I don’t like the tights I have always worn, they break way too fast. Reasons number two is related to problem one. Because they break so soon and easily, they have become a disposable item. You wear them once or twice and then you buy a new one, we sort of treat them like diapers (but, with a diaper I get why you’d wear it once). Now, that’s strange. Clothing should not be a disposable item. It should be good quality and last a long time.

Why I love tights

Here’s the optimistic part: I love tights too. When the last one I had broken I waited a bit to buy another one. I came to the conclusion that tights are something you need in your wardrobe, or in my case, my capsule wardrobe. It just makes some outfits better. I’ve tried it with legging for a long time (which I do still have), but it’s just not the same. Especially with some more classy outfits. A skirt or a dress. It just does that little bit of extra.

So, I figured I really needed another since the last one broke. Since tights have always been considered a disposable product, I always bought them anywhere for a cheap price. I could even go to the supermarket, they have tights there (which really says a lot in my opinion). But, you probably know this: that is not me anymore. I want long lasting, sustainable and fair fashion tights.

The options

Like I always do, I first looked for secondhand tights. I feel like I’ve searched the whole internet and some thrifts shops too, but I could not find them. I wanted plain black tights. Just the ‘normal’ ones, which can basically fit to any outfit. I did find some other ones second hand, but these all had patterns on them. Dots, stripes, colors, there is so much choice! Just not what I was looking for. And you know, in the end I think that is quite logical, because tights always break before someone buys new tights. So, there is never the option to sell them, you can always use them.

Sustainable, fair fashion and strong tights

Now, as you probably know too, I always have some criteria for clothing. 1. It has to be sustainable. That is such a wide term, but certifications and websites from stores tell you a lot. I’m thinking, recycled materials, careful use of water, no chemicals and some things like that. 2. Fair fashion. Nobody should starve for my clothing, so I want the workers to have a fair wage. 3. A good pair of tights which do not break the first time I wear them (of course, that is up to me too). A good list right?

Swedish Stockings

I have found one brand that meets these criteria! That is no coincidence I think, since they mention that they’re the only sustainable hosier brand in the world. Their production is powered by renewable energy, they use sustainable materials (mostly recycled), they clean the water after using it and their factories are zero-waste and fair trade (the factory stands in Italy). Sustainable and fair tights by Swedish Stockings!

‘Our mission is to influence and change the entire hosiery industry, we present the luxury of the past by applying the techniques of tomorrow.’ – Swedish Stockings

They have a lot of choice! And that brought a bit of a struggle with it. In the end I stuck with two types of panties. One almost entirely made from recycled polyester (with some elastin of course) and one made from organic cotton, with some recycled polyester (and also elastin of course). This was a tough choice. If I choose recycled polyester, no new resources will be used. But, If I choose the organic cotton, my wardrobe will be one step closer to being plastic free, and I am fan of natural materials. Both have recycled polyester anyway. In the end I chose the one with organic cotton.

Organic Cotton

The fully recycled tights would have been more sustainable, because no new material had to be used. But, I chose the cotton ones because I was very curious, the idea of cotton tights was amazing to me. It’s like a pamtyhose, but then with the look of tights! Also, tights are always so sweaty, because they’re literally made out of plastic (polyester) and I hated the sweating. So, I really wanted to try if the cotton ones would be better. Also, I hope this one will last me longer since it is quite thick. Both choices would have been good in my opinion, but for now I chose what I preferred (and so, not the number one, but the number two most sustainable option).

The result

I love it! I ordered just one because I hope it will last me long and I can only wear one a time, right? The feeling of the tights is very good. It is thick, but not too cold. At the same time, it is still see-through even though you can’t really tell on the pictures. It is not as sweaty as ‘normal’ tights, which is probably the part I love the most! Because it partly cotton too, it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing plastic only. That is a feeling I used to have with tights, so I am very content!

Along with the package came a ‘caring manual’, so I can take good care of the tights and they will last long. If they ever break, they want me to send it back to them (first time I’ve ever heard that from a fashion brand!). ‘The only thing I did not like is the plastic that came with the tights, it is packed in recycled plastic and then in paper. Anyway, this product is amazing and I would buy it again!

Sidenote: This post is not sponsored, it is based upon my very humble and critical opinion.

What do you think of these sustainable and fair tights by Swedish Stockings?

Yours sincerely,

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