Sustainable Banking at Triodos and ASN

Sustainable Banking

When I pull out my debit card, I often get some strange faces. That’s because my debit card is flashy green. However, not only the card is green, my bank is so too. It is very well possible, sustainable banking. That’s why I am a member of Triodos bank. Today I’ll tell you about sustainable banking: at Triodos and ASN.

Why ‘Normal’ Banks Are Not Sustainable

Maybe it’s come to your attention already, but it sure has come to mine. ING makes it to the news often, they haven’t met their promises on sustainability. This happens often, I see all kinds of banks on the news with headlines like these. Investing in non-renewable energy, factory farming, weapons, you name it. There is always news saying that huge financial corporations invest money in ugly businesses. At the same time, they greenwash and say they want us and the planet to thrive. When I used to see this kind of news, I was disappointment (I still am), but never did I realize they were doing all this with my money! Banks invest with our money! Even though I am not a millionaire (money-wise), every single euro of mine that goes to non-renewable energy, factory farming or weapons is one too many.

Sustainable Banking

All right, enough with the negative info. This all lies in the past for me, since I heard of Triodos Bank and ASN. They’re both sustainable banks, they invest in the future. They’re also transparent about it, you can see all their investments and annual reports online. In the Fair Bank Guide (an independent comparing site) you can see how every Dutch bank scores on different themes like human rights, climate change and animal welfare for example. Triodos and ASN is are the greenest, not only in the Netherlands, but worldwide.

Sustainable Banking

Triodos and ASN do cost a little more on a monthly basis, but a better world doesn’t always come to us for free. It’s worth it and it makes such a big difference. Unfortunately, money is powerful in our world. Our money changes the world. And so, we should use that to change the world for the better. All you need to do, is switch to Triodos Bank or ASN. They help you with the transfer, it’s all really easy. It’s time to start with sustainable banking at Triodos or ASN.

I also found two interesting videos about sustainable banking and what happens when you tell people what’s really invested in with their money. Because well, we all know the beautiful greenwashing videos, but what’s the real story? The videos can be seen here and here.

Update: In 2020 I transferred to ASN. Also sustainable, but free for students.

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