Sustainable Greeting cards

Last week I told you more about the 5R’s of zero waste. The biggest part is to refuse things I said, single use things mainly. But what if there is an item that is zero waste and you just don’t want to refuse? It’s not impossible, it happens to me too. Today I want to talk specifically about a single use item I personally don’t refuse: sustainable greeting cards.

Greeting cards

I personally use these a lot, especially at birthdays. Especially, since I tend to gift experiences to people on their birthdays. When I am struggling to find a gift, I gift experiences. It’s low waste, since I don’t buy any new stuff, which can be unwanted sometimes. Also, experiences are memories, and who doesn’t like those? Anyway. When I gift an experience, I tend to write that message on a greeting card. This way you can still gift something and don’t go to a birthday with empty hands (which can be uncomfortable for some people). It’s not a must, it’s just something I prefer. Cards can be used for just aboout anything, for a newborn, a graduation or just to show some appreciation. Greeting cards can be quite special, and so I don’t tend to refuse it.

Minimalism and waste

Now, if I do want to give or send a greeting card to someone, I do want it to be sustainable as far as that’s possible. Also, I don’t want the person I’m giving it to, feeling obligated to keep that card for the rest of their life. I think it’s a nice gesture, but I don’t want to save all the greeting cards I have received throughout my whole life, since I tend to live a minimalistic life. So, I don’t want that for other people either. I don’t think I can recycle regular greeting cards either. Most ‘regular’ cards have some sort of coating layer, since they look so flashy. So, I’m doubting whether I can recycle or compost those.

Sustainable Greeting Cards

The greeting card solution

I have searched for a reusable greeting cards, for unfortunately I have not found it yet. I am thinking about making some myself, but for now that’s not a priority. And, I know some people tend to be busy, so the thing I use right now would be a good and quick solution. For now, I have bought a compostable post card with seeds in there! It’s a card you can give to anyone, I recently used one for my dad’s birthday. But, when they are done with the card, they can plant it somewhere. The material will compost and flowers will grow! Now, isn’t that an amazing solution?

And if that person does not want to plant it in their garden, then can plant is somewhere else. It’s a great way to gift a low waste greeting card, you gift flowers at the same time and people will not feel obligated to keep the card! These low-waste cards are my go-to for greeting cards right now! One cards costs about 2-3 euros I think (I never ask for a receipt, so I’m not entirely sure) and I personally buy them at the WAAR in Enschede.

Do you use sustainable greeting cards?

Yours sincerely,

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post, none of my posts are sponsored since I base this blog on my personal opinion. This brand is something I personally love and pay for.

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