Why I don’t own a car

I’ve made a distinction a while back: some sustainable habits are easier than others. For example, I wrote a post about how it’s way easier to go vegan than to stop traveling. But even though I said it that it’s not easy to give up traveling, I still try to do it less and travel sustainable. Since I’ve had my driver’s license I have noticed that there is one thing which makes me travel sustainable: I don’t own car.

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How to ditch bottled water on holidays

Another post about bottled water! I thought I’d follow up to last week’s post about a documentary that sums up the downsides of bottled water. Today I want to talk about a something that I found challenging when just started a zero waste lifestyle: avoiding bottled water on holidays.

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Going vegan vs. stop traveling

Today I want to make a statement. Something that really goes for me and my journey towards a sustainable lifestyle. In general, I’d say living an eco-positive lifestyle is not hard (maybe I can’t say that just yet, since I am not there yet, but I am doing it anyway). However, there are some aspects which I find way easier than others. And so today I want to state: going vegan is way easier than to stop traveling.

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My 5 biggest sustainability challenges at this moment | May 2020

Most of the time I’d say a sustainable lifestyle isn’t hard. But maybe that’s not fair since I am not where I want to be yet. I want to live within the earth’s boundaries ánd create positive impact, but as we’ve seen, the last time I measured we still need 1,5 earths when everybody would live like me. I have work to do and maybe that’s why I shouldn’t always say that a sustainable lifestyle is easy. I have things I want to work on too, I’m not perfect. I’ve done it before, but today I want to share some of my sustainability challenges I have right now. What are the things I struggle the most with at this time of my life? Continue reading “My 5 biggest sustainability challenges at this moment | May 2020”

How to Stop Flying

This time of the year people are starting to plan their summer holidays again. Yet, flying has been under a lot of attention the last couple of years. It’s a way of travelling that is so environmentally destructive, it’s insane. Flying is very harmful in the climate change crisis, but there’s one aspect of it that makes it a hard subject: it’s non-replaceable. For all the transportation means, there are sustainable alternatives. We have electric cars, busses and trains. We don’t have electrical planes. That’s why I swore off the plane for now. It’s just not sustainable. I am telling you all about how to stop flying.

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The most sustainable and beautiful hotspots in Haarlem

It’s time for another hotspot! Over the past months in which I’ve decided to ditch the plane I’ve come to realize that holidays don’t have to be far away from home. Even better, I’ve come to realize that my own home country The Netherlands is beautiful! You just have to look. That’s why I am sharing a hotspot article about my new hometown today. Here’s a guide on the most sustainable and beautiful places I’ve come to find in Haarlem.

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Traveling to Albufeira by train: the return

This post is a follow-up from the post from last week. I’ve made the decision to ditch the plane because it’s not sustainable at all. Last week I shared the outward journey by train from Haarlem to Albufeira. Overall conclusion: easier than expected. This week I’ll share my return. I went from our apartment in Albufeira to Weesp in The Netherlands. So, how did that go? Continue reading “Traveling to Albufeira by train: the return”

Traveling to Albufeira by train: the outward journey

I’m back! The past few weeks there have been appearing posts on Monday, but no weekly diaries. I’ve been on a holiday to Albufeira! A while ago I posted that I was going there by train on my own (my friends went by plane) and now that I’m back it’s time to share my experiences! This week I’ll share my outward journey to Albufeira with you. Next week I will share the return. So, how has the outward journey been? Continue reading “Traveling to Albufeira by train: the outward journey”

Sustainable and Fun Hotspots in Berlin

A few weeks ago I went to Berlin with my boyfriend for a weekend. Even though I had a blast, a weekend is too short. Berlin is huge! And amazing at the same time. So much to see, so many hotspots, a woman from the bike tour we did told us Berlin is six times larger than Paris! In this blogpost I want to tell you about the things we went to, so that when you visit Berlin, you’ll have a blast too. I’ll post it today, but I’m sure I’ll edit it through time, since I’ll definitely go back one day (or more!). So, here it is. A blogpost about the sustainable and fun hotspots Berlin.

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I’ve decided to get my drivers license! Why?

Cars are not sustainable, they pollute the air by the carbon dioxide they release. Especially with all the cars we have right now on this planet, we have a problem. For a long while, I had chosen not to be a part of that problem. This had multiple reasons, which I’ll come to later. However, I’ve made up my mind after a long time. I’ve decided to get my drivers license. Today I’ll tell you why.

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