Nutrition app: Cronometer

The last few years my view on weight and body image has changed a lot. Where I used to focus on a quite random number on a scale and count how many calories I consumed, I am all about body positivity now. I am realizing more and more how important it is to love yourself and your body. So, it might seem weird that today I am sharing a nutrition app, since this usually means losing weight and counting calories. But no, this app is different. Today I want to tell you about Cronometer: an app for healthy nutrition.

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App: Beat the Microbead

Today, for the first time ever, I want to share an app with you! This app can help you avoid plastics, very small plastics. So small that you usually can’t even see them. Micro-plastics. They pollute the environment. Micro-plastics end up in the oceans, in animals and also: in humans. It is a good thing to try to avoid micro-plastics as much as we can. The next app can help you with that: Beat The Microbead!

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Secondhand Clothing App: Vinted

I hope you’ve noticed: I avoid buying new stuff and clothes. That’s because buying secondhand is the most sustainable option. Whenever I need something I usually buy it secondhand (or I lend it). Besides that it’s sustainable because there’s no new production, it also saves a lot of waste. That’s because you’re basically buying someone else’s waste. Today I want to share an app which is great for buying and selling secondhand clothing: Vinted.

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Ecosia: The sustainable search engine

This is the very first blogpost for the theme ‘What you should know’ on my blog. This post is about a very simple sustainable switch, but at the same time it is a beautiful one! When people see me using this search engine I always get a ton of fun questions my way. I am talking about: Ecosia, a sustainable search engine.

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