Book about longevity: Veroudering Vertragen (Dutch)

Yes, another book about longevity! I love books about longevity! And I also keep sharing them, because I really hope people around me will read them too. Not that I am perfect and others are not. It’s just that I see harmful behaviour around me and I think not everybody is aware of these mistakes. Longevity relates to happiness! And happiness is a part of an eco-positive lifestyle. And so today I am sharing a book about longevity: Veroudering Vertragen by Kris Verburgh. I am sorry for all the non-dutch people reading this post, this is unfortunately a Dutch book which wasn’t translated.

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A must read and watch: Hoe word je 100? (Dutch)

Food and water are the two most important things we need in life. Without any of these we die, simple is that. A person has to eat. But what should a person eat? It’s a subject which raises a lot discussion. There is a lot to choose when you’re putting together your diet. The amount of pesticides it takes to produce it, the amount of CO2 emissions it takes, the amount of water it takes. But a part of your health is also determined by food. And that’s why I want to share the series and book ‘Hoe word je 100?’ (‘How do you turn 100?’) today.

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Book about longevity: The Blue Zones

Longevity fascinates me. Why do some people live 70 years? And why do others live 110 years? Some people die extremely fit still and some die in pain. How does this work? This is not a post in which I am going to tell you how you’ll live 110 years, because well, I simply can’t. But! I am going to tell you that there are ways to make sure you age in a healthy way, feeling fit. That’s what I thrive for myself (at 18 years old haha). The past few weeks I read: The Blue Zones by Dann Buettner.

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