Weekly diary #98: Visiting MoviePark Germany and 39 degrees Celcius?

Hi there, welcome back into my weekly diary! In this diary I want to show you what an eco-positive lifestyle looks like on a daily basis. The things I talk about are mainly not buying new things, veganism and zero waste this week. The past week I went to an escape room, visited MoviePark Germany and went to Het Rutbeek while it was 39 degrees Celcius. Want to read along? Continue reading “Weekly diary #98: Visiting MoviePark Germany and 39 degrees Celcius?”

Must watch: Revolution

There are always so many emotions going through me while I watch documentaries regarding climate change. Fear, anger, disgust, disappointment. But there is one thing that really kept going through my mind seeing Revolution: stupidity. This is pure stupidity! I always though of us humans as rather smart beings, but oh my, we are so stupid. We don’t realize what’s at stake, we are destroying ourselves. Continue reading “Must watch: Revolution”

I went flying for the very last time

Yes, you’re reading that title all right. I went flying, on a plane. Since I figured this’ll come across as very weird, why Romee?!, since it is far from sustainable, I want to dedicate a full blogpost to it today. I preach it all the time: flying is bad for the environment. I even wrote a full blogpost about it a long time ago. And now, I took two flights, one from Amsterdam to Tenerife and one back. Why the heck did I do this? Should I not practice what I preach? Continue reading “I went flying for the very last time”

Weekly diary #59: I celebrated my birthday

Hi there, welcome back into my weekly diary, in which I want to show you how I live an eco-positive life. The past week I celebrated my birthday! Continue reading “Weekly diary #59: I celebrated my birthday”

Must watch: Chasing Coral

A few weeks ago I shared a blogpost about The documentary Chasing Ice. That documentary was absolutely stunning and sad at the same time. As I watched it on Netflix, they recommended another documentary to me: Chasing Coral. I’ve seen it now and I am telling you: you should see this too. Continue reading “Must watch: Chasing Coral”