Documentary about waste: A Plastic Ocean

Today I am sharing another must watch documentary. A documentary in the category ‘golden oldies’. But that sounds way too positive for the subject. I call it golden oldie because this documentary aligns with the first steps I took on this blog. I started out with reducing my waste. And that waste is what this documentary is about. Waste and pollution and the consequences of those things for the oceans. I’m talking about: A Plastic Ocean.

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Documentary about waste: Bag It (and 4 tips from me)

The last few months I’ve been posting a lot about veganism. I’ve gone vegan a while back and so I’ve also been learning a lot at the same time. That’s why I share a lot too. But this blog is not only about veganism and it started at first with a zero waste lifestyle. And about that last subject I haven’t shared much lately. And so today I am sharing the first documentary I watched about waste: Bag It.

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