Documentary about a plant-based diet: The Gamechangers

For me there are multiple reasons as to why I’m vegan. Animal rights, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, climate change, inefficiency, personal health and even more. So when someone asks why I’m vegan this is always difficult, there are so many reasons! I try to explain it briefly but when I say something as: ‘for my health’, people look at me as if I’m crazy. So, you’re saying animal foods are bad for our health? I tell them yes and from today on I can refer to a documentary about te subject as well: The Game Changers. Continue reading “Documentary about a plant-based diet: The Gamechangers”

Documentary about veganism: Earthlings

A while back I saw an interesting article coming by. In a newspaper (in De Volkskrant, a Dutch newspaper) I saw an article about a slaughterhouse. The slaughterhouse had made a part of their proces transparant. They had literally made glass walls around a part of the ‘assembly line’ so that people passing the slaughter house could see the dead animals passing by after slaughter (which isn’t even the most disturbing part of the slaughter). The responses were intense, people were shocked and demanded that they made the walls non-see-through again. This made me think of a documentary I’ve seen which also makes the slaughter proces transparant: Earthlings.

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Documentary about veganism: Blackfish

It’s time for another documentary. A documentary of which I thought: ‘I have to share this, people have to know about this!’. And then I forgot because I have so much I want to write about. But a while back something happened which brought me tears and then I gave this post priority. And so it’s finally here: a must watch post about Blackfish.

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Must watch about veganism: Vegucated (and 5 tips from me)

My past week has evolved around one thing: eating vegan. Right now I’m in the transitioning period from vegetarian to vegan and so I’m learning a lot. I call myself a proud vegan already! A while ago I saw a documentary about this subject and the transitioning period and so today I want to share it. I’m talking about: Vegucated.

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Documentary about dolphinaria: The Cove

The first time that I can remember seeing a dolphin is one I remember well. I was 11 years old and on a holiday in Egypt. The dolphins swam by our boat! A fantastic moment for everybody on the boat and dolphins too I hope. Now, 7 years later, I see dolphins again. Very different, in a very different context. That’s because I’ve seen the documentary The Cove.

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