Documentary: 13th

I have always been fascinated by incarceration. Locking people up in small areas, sometimes for their entire life. Why? How? This fascination even led me to do my internship in a Dutch prison back in 2017. I then saw everything from up front. I don’t know if I still would choose the same internship now in 2022, because my views have changed. But the fascination about incarceration has stayed. This led me to watch a documentary which shines light on mass incarceration in relation to racism in the United States. Today I am sharing this documentary with you: 13th.

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Documentary: Crip Camp

Last week was the first time I wrote about a certain type of discrimination: ableism. I wrote that post to introduce the subject to you, because I feel that everybody should know what ableism is. From there on, we can learn more about it. That’s why I am sharing a documentary concerning ableism with you today. Today I am sharing more about the documentary Crip Camp.

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Documentary: Super Size Me

Watching this documentary was not planned (I just have a list on my phone and I watch whichever I feel like watching), but the timing seemed to perfect in the end. This year, me and boyfriend did a bet. We bet not go to MacDonalds (or any other fast food company in The Netherlands, like KFC or Burger King) for a full year! So, this documentary was a great one to watch to keep me motivated: I’m talking about the documentary Super Size Me.

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Documentary: Revolution

There are always so many emotions going through me while I watch documentaries regarding climate change. Fear, anger, disgust, disappointment. But there is one thing that really kept going through my mind seeing Revolution: stupidity. This is pure stupidity! I always though of us humans as rather smart beings, but oh my, we are so stupid. We don’t realize what’s at stake, we are destroying ourselves. Anyway, here’s more about the documentary: Revolution.

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Documentary: The Kids Menu

Here I am again, with a documentary about food! Food (and living healthy) interests me in so many ways! Currently I’m even following a course in school regarding health. Food is a big part of health in my opinion, and it is so important we know how to eat healthy. And that starts at a young age I think, when you’re still a kid. That’s where this documentary comes in: The Kids Menu.

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Series: Sweatshop

In my opinion, it isn’t fair that we don’t see the story behind every single thing we buy. Because, everything we buy has an impact. That impact can be low (which I prefer of course), and it can be extremely high. It can be horrific to see, but also beautiful. Today I want to talk about a product of which we don’t see the impact. It’s fast fashion. Because there is a way to see what’s behind your clothes most of the time, in a series called Sweatshop.

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Documentary: Gasland (Part I and II)

It’s time for a new must watch! Two, actually, since the makers decided to make a part II. These documentary tells us things about something we all use, energy. Energy is something all of us need. The difference lies in hoe we produce that energy. Fossil fuels or renewable energy? The documentary Gasland (part I and II) tell you a lot about fossils fuels. 

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Documentary: Chasing Coral

A few weeks ago I shared a blog post about The documentary Chasing Ice. That documentary was absolutely stunning and sad at the same time. As I watched it on Netflix, they recommended another documentary to me: Chasing Coral. I’ve seen it now and I am telling you: you should see this too.

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Documentary: Seablind

This week a documentary which is a good follow-up on the subject from last week. This documentary is not about the melting of the ice caps, but it is about one of the biggest contributors to this problem. This 2DOC documentary is about the thing that causes the biggest negative impact on a personal level: the consumption of stuff. It all seems normal theses days, buying stuff from the other side of the world. This documentary shows one side of the negative impact of consumerism. Today I’ll tell you about the documentary: Seablind: the price of shipping our stuff.

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Documentary: Chasing Ice

Ah, it’s vacation again! Now I have a lot of time to watch good documentaries. Netflix on the tv, feet up, a good snack and let’s watch. The documentary I am sharing with you today is amazing and sad at the same time, like most documentaries about climate change. It’s amazing because the images are so beautiful! It’s sad because we probably will never see them again. Today I’m talking about the documentary: Chasing Ice. 

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