Documentary: Seablind

This week a documentary which is a good follow-up on the subject from last week. This documentary is not about the melting of the ice caps, but it is about one of the biggest contributors to this problem. This 2DOC documentary is about the thing that causes the biggest negative impact on a personal level: the consumption of stuff. It all seems normal theses days, buying stuff from the other side of the world. This documentary shows one side of the negative impact of consumerism. Today I’ll tell you about the documentary: Seablind: the price of shipping our stuff.

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Documentary: Chasing Ice

Ah, it’s vacation again! Now I have a lot of time to watch good documentaries. Netflix on the tv, feet up, a good snack and let’s watch. The documentary I am sharing with you today is amazing and sad at the same time, like most documentaries about climate change. It’s amazing because the images are so beautiful! It’s sad because we probably will never see them again. Today I’m talking about the documentary: Chasing Ice. 

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Documentary: Earthlings

A while back I saw an interesting article coming by. In a newspaper (in De Volkskrant, a Dutch newspaper) I saw an article about a slaughterhouse. The slaughterhouse had made a part of their proces transparant. They had literally made glass walls around a part of the ‘assembly line’ so that people passing the slaughter house could see the dead animals passing by after slaughter (which isn’t even the most disturbing part of the slaughter). The responses were intense, people were shocked and demanded that they made the walls non-see-through again. This made me think of a documentary I’ve seen which also makes the slaughter proces transparant: Earthlings.

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Documentary: Racing Extinction

Today I am sharing a documentary with you again. I’ve waited way too long with sharing it, I saw this documentary in 2015 already. I love documentaries but I have to say this is a tough one again. It might make climate change seem overwhelming, like we have no power as individuals. But that’s not true and I don’t want you to feel like that. I chose to share it because we need to see the urgency of climate change, now. It is tough to see, but it’s necessary. If you have not seen this documentary, you should definitely watch it. The documentary about a horrendous effect of climate change: Racing Extinction.

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Documentary: Bag It

The last few months I’ve been posting a lot about veganism. I’ve gone vegan a while back and so I’ve also been learning a lot at the same time. That’s why I share a lot too. But this blog is not only about veganism and it started at first with a zero waste lifestyle. And about that last subject I haven’t shared much lately. And so today I am sharing the first documentary I watched about waste: Bag It.

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Documentary: Blackfish

It’s time for another documentary. A documentary of which I thought: ‘I have to share this, people have to know about this!’. And then I forgot because I have so much I want to write about. But a while back something happened which brought me tears and then I gave this post priority. And so it’s finally here: a must watch post about Blackfish.

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Documentary: De Klimaatontkenners

Climate change, I know what it is. I hope you do too. For me it is one of the most critical subjects. I find it interesting and horrifying at the same time. Climate change has been proved as real, it is therefore a fact. However, there are still people denying its existence. Crazy, I know. Gideon Levy decided to make a documentary about the such people. Today I’ll shar the documentary: De Klimaatontkenners (the climate-deniers) with you.

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Documentary: Vegucated

My past week has evolved around one thing: eating vegan. Right now I’m in the transitioning period from vegetarian to vegan and so I’m learning a lot. I call myself a proud vegan already! A while ago I saw a documentary about this subject and the transitioning period and so today I want to share it. I’m talking about the documentary: Vegucated.

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Documentary: Cowspiracy

Wow. Just wow. That was my response after watching the documentary Cowspiracy. I just sat there, flabbergasted. But then I took a look at my personal values and beliefs and decided things were going to change, for good. I watched Cowspiracy in January of 2016. Ik was then in the middle of an experiment. In January 2016 I ate vegetarian for one month to see if I could pull it off. That month I also did some research about animal products and watched Cowspiracy. One thing I knew for sure then: I wasn’t going to be a vegetarian for one month. I was doing it for life.

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Documentary: The True Cost

The past I bought a new sweater. At least, it was new to me, because I bought it at a secondhand shop. I’ve had a love for secondhand clothing for most of my life. My mom took me with her to thrift shops and to secondhand fairs too. It is a bit of a search, but when you find something it’s often unique. The love for secondhand clothing that I got from my mom was enough reason for me to buy secondhand, but when I saw the documentary The True Cost another 100 reasons were added.

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