Documentary: Before The Flood

A good documentary, including Leonardo Dicaprio, what else can we want? Nothing. And so I’m writing about it today. Before The Flood is a documentary about climate change. It was released in 2016. If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you should. It is chocking, but extremely important.

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Documentary: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

The past week I watched two documentaries. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2. They were both on my list and on available on Netflix! It concerns a subject I’m very passionate about: a healthy diet. In this case about a whole-food plant-based diet. It’s about a guy named Joe who calls himself Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Here’s all about the documentary: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

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Documentary: The 11th Hour

Some documentaries make me nervous. Nervous for what’s to come, but also nervous about what’s happening now already. The 11th Hour is such a documentary, because it really brings across a message: we need to combat climate change if we still want to live on this planet for the coming decades. And that’s why I want to share it with you today.

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Documentary: The Cove

The first time that I can remember seeing a dolphin is one I remember well. I was 11 years old and on a holiday in Egypt. The dolphins swam by our boat! A fantastic moment for everybody on the boat and dolphins too I hope. Now, 7 years later, I see dolphins again. Very different, in a very different context. That’s because I’ve seen the documentary The Cove.

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What you should know about planned obsolescence

This documentary was on my list for a long time, but well, my list of documentaries I still want to see is endless anyway. The Light Bulb Conspiracy is a documentary of 52 minutes (short) about planned obsolescence. Planned obsolescence, what? Planned obsolescence of products, it exists. Even though it sounds ridiculous, it really exists. Here’s what you should know about planned obsolescence.

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