Why sport fishing is unethical

Some time ago I already wrote more about the ethical reasons against fish consumption. That’s all about eating fish or fish products. Today I want to talk about another way in which people abuse fish for no good reason: sport fishing. Maybe it’s a bit obvious that I am against it, as I am vegan and don’t approve eating fish. However, I think it’s always good to explain more about veganism. So, today I’ll tell you why sport fishing is unethical.

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Why Zoos are Unethical

Over the years I’ve become more active in protesting. At first, when I had only gone to climate marches I felt like it was really peaceful. People around me understand why I protest and support me. Until I went to a protest at a zoo. Then people become mad and hateful. In the picture of this post you can see me protesting at one with a sign that says ‘stop animal entertainment’. Zoos are horrible places, I personally know this. However, most people don’t see how seriously messed up these places are. And that’s why I want to share why zoos are unethical in this post.

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Ethical reasons against horse-riding

To start off: I am probably going to offend people with this post. Not that I am planning on it, but out of past experiences I can imagine it happening again. I’ve talked about veganism to people a lot over the past years and there’s one issue that I always get a lot of responses on. I have doubted to post this, but I still believe that different type of views should be shared and considered. Today I want to explain why I don’t approve horse riding or keeping a horse as a hobby. Here are some ethical reasons against horse-riding.

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